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Major Spoiler Warning
This page contains major spoilers that have not yet appeared in the episodes anywhere worldwide.

The second season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir is confirmed to be in progress by Jeremy Zag.[3] It will have 26 episodes.[4] Storyboard artists Wilfried Pain and Christelle Abgrall, as well as Jun Violet, began directing the series with Thomas Astruc this season.[5] It will premiere in May 2017, and the first thirteen episodes anticipated to be released on Netflix for US viewers in June or Summer 2017.[2][6][1][7]


On December 10, 2015, Wilfried Pain announced on Twitter that he started writing a script for Season 2, revealing that the season was in its scripting stage.[8] According to Astruc, while episodes will still be self-contained, the season will feature powerful story arcs.[9] The storyboard stage of Season 2's production officially began on May 2, 2016.[10] New locations from Paris were also announced by Winny to be shown this season.[11]

The first promotional image for Miraculous Season 2 was released on June 3, 2016. The picture showed the series name and the "Zag Heroez" logos in addition to the words, "Season 2 / Coming Soon," with a Ladybug print in the background.[12] The writing process of the season hit the halfway mark on June 21, 2016.[13]

During the 2016 Miraculous Ladybug panel at the Los Angeles Anime Expo, new information regarding the season was revealed and reposted by attendees online. Some news included plans for a Tikki and Plagg spinoff episode, new powers for the hero duo, and the possibility of the real Volpina (not Lila's akumatized form) becoming a recurring character.[14][15] News about the specials was published, detailing that previously unknown information regarding Mrs. Agreste, as well as the abilities of the Turtle Miraculous and its holder, would be revealed during "A Special Christmas" (then called "Ladybug in Christmas".[14][16] It also has been confirmed that Marinette will visit her grandmother in "The Chinese Legend" (then called "Ladybug in Shanghai"), and that the special will be in 2D.[17][18]

Pain later confirmed on Twitter that ten episodes had been scripted by July 5, 2016.[19] After the UEFA Euro 2016 on July 10, 2016, as a thank you to fans for supporting the French soccer team, Astruc released information regarding the upcoming season. New facts included an "evolution" of the relationship between Marinette and Adrien (a.k.a. the "Love Square"), and that a "big reveal" would be appearing in this season. The tweet also confirmed some information presented at the Anime Expo panel, such as the additional facts on Mrs. Agreste, the introduction of new family members, and new Miraculouses appearing.[20]

Astruc later revealed on July 15, 2016 that the creative team created a new character for Season 2. "Afraid of spiders?" was added to the end of the tweet, implying the possibility of a spider-based character.[21] On August 13, 2016, he later elaborated on the character, revealing potential concept designs of a woman named Anansi.[22][23]

On July 16, 2016, Astruc explained at Japan Expo 2016 that the first finished episodes of Season 2 will probably be delivered around March-April 2017, but this is not the date the episodes will be released.[24] Astruc also revealed that the crew may try to have the specials finished for 2016, but it can't be promised for now as it's a complicated process.[25]

At San Diego Comic-Con International, it was revealed that the holder of the Bee Miraculous and the holder of the Fox Miraculous will appear in either Season 2 or Season 3, and that a new recurring villain would team up with Hawk Moth.[26][27] It was announced that Season 2 will reveal if non-humans (like animals, robots, or kwami) can be akumatized as well.[28]

On August 1, 2016, it was revealed that Marinette's hairstyle will not change.[29] A ball scene was also confirmed to be in production.[30] Later that month, on August 15, 2016, Ezra Weisz announced on Periscope that the English dubbing for Season 2 is going to be recorded in a "couple of months."[31] Zag later explained, in a video interview held on August 25, that there will be a Season 2 episode revealing the origin of kwami. He also mentioned that the new main villain will make Hawk Moth appear like "a baby" in comparison.[32]

In honor of the first anniversary of the show's international release, Zag published an image sharing the official date of the second season.[33] However, Astruc later followed up the comment, reminding fans that while the season will be completed by that time, the Miraculous staff does not have control over when the series will be broadcasted.[34] Pain reached 10,000 followers on September 8, and as a gift to fans revealed a storyboard from the second season showing that a future episode will include a balcony scene featuring Marinette and Cat Noir.[35]

Writing for the season ended on September 9th. Astruc announced it on Twitter, stating "Heroes of the day: Mélanie Duval, Sébastien Thibaudeau, Matthieu Choquet, Fred Lenoir. S2 Finale written. #epicness."[36] He also teased that he would make a cameo as an akumatized character after the writers replaced a rejected script on September 20.[37] Also on September 20, English voice actor Christopher Smith posted a Tweet about having a recording session for Miraculous, along with teasing, "Is season 2 afoot?"[38]

On October 7, at New York Comic Con, the identities of the Bee Miraculous holder and Fox Miraculous holder were revealed. They announced the fox kwami and peacock kwami's names as respectively Trixx and Duusu, and they showed new concept art to reveal The Collector and Le Paon.[39] Weisz released a video on October 14 with Cristina Vee, with Vee saying that there is a possibility she is working on recording episodes for Season 2.[40] At his panel at Comic Com Paris, Astruc revealed that there is a very special episode in the season that five writers worked on, and he noted that Cat Noir will have a more important role. He also noted that the writing stage for Season 2 has finished, with the crew setting the bar very high for it, and that Season 2 will include new major secondary characters.[41]

An announcement was uploaded to the official Miraculous Ladybug YouTube Channel on January 31, 2017. The announcement, related to a contest held at Stan Lee's Comic Con three months prior, stated that a fan would be turned into an akumatized villain in the second season of the series.[42]

In a response to a fan's question on Twitter on February 8, 2017, Astruc replied that Season 2 will never premiere on Nickelodeon, the show now being solely on Netflix for the US.[43]


Main articles: Episode guide and Episode guide/International
Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
2 26 June 2017 (USA) TBA


  • The first 13 episodes of this season will be released on Netflix in the US at once.[44]



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