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Scene: The Césaire apartment. Marinette is speaking to Marlena Césaire on her phone while Alya is playing with her little sisters Ella and Etta.

Marinette: Yes, Mrs. Césaire. The girls are ready for bed. Um... technically speaking... (chuckles) Yeah, we're good. Enjoy the movie! (She turns off her cellphone)
Alya: Come on, bedtime you little monsters! That's enough mischief for one day! (She picks up her sisters)
Ella and Etta: It's not us! It's the Sapotis! (chuckles)

Scene: Ella and Etta's room. Alya tucks each of her sisters to bed.

Alya: Off to bed, little Sapotis. You need to rest if you wanna be fighting fit for tomorrow.
Pink twin: It's not fair! We don't wanna go to bed! We wanna stay up with you!
Blue twin: Yeah! We wanna watch the movie and tell each other lots of secrets!
Alya: And what kind of zombies will you be at the amusement park tomorrow if you go to bed late? Show 'em, Marinette. (Marinette pretends to yawn and feel exhausted after she wakes up in the morning) So what it going to be? Boring sit-down pajama party with the big kids? Or the super-fun amusement park tomorrow?
Ella and Etta: The amusement park! (They both get to sleep)
Alya: That's what I thought. So goodnight, Sapotis.
Blue twin: Wait, can we keep 'em on? Please?
Alya: Alright. Go to sleep now.
(Alya turns off the light before she and Marinette both leave the room.)

Scene: Living room

Marinette: You seriously have a technique there with your little sisters., who are the Sapa...Sapo...?
Alya: The Sapotis? They're little monsters from a créole fable who always pull pranks and making all sorts of mischief. Now that we're all alone I could finally tell you. Apparently Ladybug have been around at least since the pharaohs. But no way can the Ladybug we know can be five thousand years old. So I downloaded a great app that analyze some recording I have of her talking. Based on the frequency of her voice, it turns out she's a girl our age!
Marinette: (looks away from Alya's phone) Um, Alya? The orange juice?
(Both Marinette and Alya look up when they heard Ella and Etta chuckling. Alya looks over the couch to see the glass completely empty. She groans.)

Scene: Ella and Etta's room. Alya wipes both twins' mouth with a napkin

Ella and Etta: It's not us! It's the Sapotis!
(Alya leaves the room again when the twins both fall asleep)

Scene: Living room

Alya: What were we saying again?
Marinette: Um... we were about to watch a movie! (She chuckles as she holds out two different movie cases. She notices that she's showing a DVD of a "Ladybug" anime so she switches it to show the "Kond Le Chien" movie before chuckling again)
Alya: Oh yeah! Ladybug! She's like a high school girl. So to figure out who she really is, all we have to do is to find a girl who always late.
Marinette: Don't you think there's a reason why she keep her identity a secret?
(Both Marinette and Alya gasp when they hear Ella and Etta chuckling again. They look to see that the two pieces of cantaloupe have been eaten. Alya groans again.)

Scene: Ella and Etta's room

Alya: Alright, that's enough! Get out of bed one more time and no one will going to the amusement park tomorrow!
Ella and Etta: (chuckling) It's not us! It's the Sapotis!
Alya: This is your last warning! No joke!
(Alya leaves the room again when the twins both agree)

Scene: Living room

Alya: What were you saying about her secret identity?
Marinette: Ladybug needs it to protect her family and friends. Otherwise the villains could use them to get to her!
(Both Marinette and Alya once again hear Ella and Etta chuckling. They look to see that someone is using the remote to select an episode of "Kond Le Chein". Alya walks in front of TV and groans even louder. Ella and Etta respond with another chuckles.)
Ella and Etta: It's not us! It's the—!
Alya: That's it! (She picks up the twins)

Scene: Ella and Etta's room. Alya carries the twins to bed

Ella and Etta: Come on, Alya! We won't do it again!
Alya: Yeah? Well, it's too late! (She took off both twins' propeller hats) We all go to the park when you behave some other day! Now go to sleep!
(Alya leaves and shuts the door. Ella and Etta both starting to cry)

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair

Hawk Moth: "I don't want another peep out of you!" "Wash your hands!" "Clean your room!" Kids should do whatever they want to do. However they want to do it. (turns a butterfly into an akuma) Fly, my little evil one. And akumatize them!

Scene: Césaire apartment living room

Alya: Well, if I know who Ladybug really was, I'll keep it a secret. I would even help her! Like say, if you were Ladybug I'll cover for you! When you need to transform in school, go fight the "baddies", you know?
Marinette: Oh yeah? Well, if I was Ladybug I wouldn't even tell you to protect you from the "baddies", you know?
Alya: You serious? If I was Ladybug, I'll totally tell you! Because I tell my best friend everything.
Marinette: You're right, Alya. You should always tell your best friend everything. So come on. Spill the beans. Are you actually Ladybug?
Alya: Right. Like, I'm telling you. Na-ah. (She and Marinette start to chuckle)

Scene: Ella and Etta's room. The akuma gets inside while the twins are fighting over the propeller hat.

Pink twin: It's mine!
Blue twin: No, this one mine!
Pink twin: No, it's mine!
(The akuma enters the propeller hat that the twins are fighting)
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) Sapotis, I am Hawk Moth. Your big sister is telling you what to do? Well, I'll let you be mischievous as you want!
Ella and Etta: And do whatever we want? Like, stay up all night? And go to the movies? And eat lots of desserts? And drink orange juice? And still go to the amusement park?
Hawk Moth: Yes, yes! But calm down. From now on, no one will be able to punish you. Because it will always be another Sapotis' fault. All you have to do is take Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous. And give them to your good friend, Hawk Moth. Okay?
Ella and Etta: Okay! (Both twins turns into Sapotis)

Scene: Living room. Marinette and Alya are watching "Kond Le Chien".

(Alya and Marinette heard laughter in the twins' room)
Alya: That's it! I totally had it with these kids! (She marches into the room) Don't even try to blame it on the... (She sees that her sisters are both turn into a pair of actual Sapotis) Sapotis?!
(The Sapotis jumps out of the room and start eating on the coffee table)
Marinette: Maybe you're a little too strict to them!
(The Sapotis suddenly multiply themselves and start to cause chaos in the room)
Alya: Normally when you're firm with kids they don't turn into monsters!
(Alya notice that a Sapotis is drinking from the fish tank. She tries to catch her but she leaps away. More Sapotis appears out of the fridge and made a huge mess in the room)
Marinette: They multiply whenever they eat! (She ducks down)
Sapotis: Window!
Alya: Marinette, the window! We can't let them out! (Marinette gasps. She tries to catch one of the Sapotis but she and the rest of her clones have escape from the apartment) Marinette, take care of these two! We got to bring them back!
(Alya rushes out of her apartment and sees that the Sapotis clones have already cause chaos in the streets. The two remaining Sapotis have also escape from the apartment.)
Marinette: Time to transform!

[ Transformation Sequence ]
Marinette: Tikki, spots on! Ha! (Marinette transforms into Ladybug)

Scene: Outside

(Outside the Le Grand Paris, Jagged Stone and Penny Rolling enter a limousine)
Penny: To the airport.
Sapotis: Rock n' roll!
Penny: Hey, what's going on? (Jagged start to scream when two Sapotis clones start to drive the limousine at a fast speed)
Sapotis: Left and right! Right!
(Nearby, another Sapotis clone enters a garbage bin)
Sapotis: Whoa!
(The clone falls into the bin. The garbageman is about to dump the bin into the back of the truck when the clone have multiply herself and escape. Meanwhile, Théo Barbot is giving a tour to a couple on his rickshaw.)
Théo: On the left, the Academy of Beaux-Arts. On the right, the Louvre museum.
(The bus door next to him opens to reveal the Sapotis clones. They all attack Théo and the couple. Four of the clones are riding on the rickshaw)
Sapotis driver: On the right...
Sapotis pedeller: La, la, la, la.
Sapotis rider: Wow.
(Further away, a man is whistling while he's sweeping the street)
Sapotis: (through a traffic cone) Traffic!
(Startled, the man falls down and sees the Sapotis clones laughing as they continue to cause a huge mess around him)

Scene: Adrien's room. Adrien is watching the news

Nadja: These miniature monsters seem to be attacking more and more people throughout Paris! (Two Sapotis clones attack Nadja) And...oh!
(The screen shows the street of Paris being attack by the clones. Another clone appears with a wig to "report" the scene)
Adrien: I think we better take care of this, Plagg. Plagg?
Plagg: (hides all of his Camembert in a cupboard) These food thieves are real dangerous! (closes the door) What are you waiting for?

[ Transformation Sequence ]
Adrien: Plagg, claws out! (Adrien transforms into Cat Noir)

Scene: Parisan streets. The Sapotis clones continue to cause chaos.

(One of the clones is looking at a traffic light control panel when Ladybug and Cat Noir both appear surrounding her)
Ladybug: It's forbidden...
Cat Noir: play around the traffic light!
(The clone falls and got her legs tangled by the wires)
Ladybug: You're just in time, kitty. (She takes off the propeller hat and breaks it. But the akuma didn't come out and instead the clone disappear)
Cat Noir: How did you know to destroy the monster's hats?
Ladybug: Trial and error.
Cat Noir: But no akuma's being release!
Ladybug: No, because that monster was clone! (A Sapotis clone leaps in between them) These Sapotis multiply every time they eat. To get to the akuma, we have to destroy the original one. The very first one Hawk Moth akumatized.
Cat Noir: So you mean, we gotta catch them all.
Ladybug: Come on! I thought you like a good challenge!
(Cat Noir sighs. He and Ladybug then work together to find the original Sapotis' akuma, but to no succeed.)

Scene: Pont des Arts bridge. The Sapotis clones are messing with André and his ice cream stand.

(Two of the clones are bouncing onto André's back while the rest are eating some ice cream. Ladybug and Cat Noir shows up to see that the clones have multiplied.)
Cat Noir: Hey, don't eat that ice cream or things will get catastrophe!
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) Seize their Miraculous!
(The clones all charge forward, leading Ladybug and Cat Noir to take all of them down. The heroes then got themselves surrounded)
Cat Noir: We won't be able to destroy all their hats! There's too many of them!
Sapotis: Miraculous!
Ladybug: Lucky Charm! (a tea pot appear)
Cat Noir: A tea pot?
Ladybug: It's strangely familar. (Cat Noir start to take down some of the clones) It's weird. I can't find anything!
Cat Noir: Hurry up! My kung-fu's not enough!
Ladybug: (looks at the tea pot again) Of course! I know someone who could help! Gotta go!
Cat Noir: Right now? Can't it wait?
Ladybug: No, it can't. You got to trust me on this one.
Sapotis: Miraculous!
Cat Noir: (twirls his staff at the clones) Go on, my Lady!
(Ladybug leaps away to go to the location)

Scene: Fu's massage shop. Master Fu is drinking a cup of tea.

Master Fu: Mmmm. (hears his door knocking) It's open.
Marinette: (opens the door) Hello, Master Fu.
Master Fu: Hello, Marinette.
Wayzz: (flies out of the phonograph) Marinette? But you're not suppose to come to Master Fu's place.
Master Fu: Let her talk, Wayzz.
Marinette: Master, I used my Lucky Charm. But strangely I think it was a hint which was to tell me to come here in a way.
Master Fu: I see.
Wayzz: Hmm?
Master Fu: Marinette, I taught you all about the Miraculous and their powers. You know that yours works in a very mysterious way. I think it's trying to tell us that you need help this time. (He stands on top of his stool to get the phonograph) I don't know if it's safe. I already took an enormous risk by putting two Miraculous into circulation.
Marinette: And you were right to do it. Cat Noir are very careful.
Master Fu: Hmmm. (He opens the gramophone to reveal the Miraculous jewelry box. He places the box between him and Marinette.) Marinette, pick an ally you can trust to fight alongside you in this mission.
(All of the chest drawers open and reveal the current eighteen Miraculouses being stored inside.)
Marinette: Wow!
Master Fu: Choose wisely. Such power are meant to serve the greater good. They must get into the wrong hands.
Marinette: Like Hawk Moth's.
Master Fu: Yes. Once the mission is over, you must retrieve the Miraculous from them and bring it back to me. Until we unlock all the secrets of the spellbook, it's too dangerous to allow any more Miraculous to be out in the open for very long.
Marinette: Mmm.
Master Fu: Is there anyone you can think of, Marinette?
(Marinette is about to grab the Bee Miraculous, but she changes her mind and grab the Fox Miraculous instead.)
Marinette: Yes, Master. I know just the right person!
Master Fu: Mmm.

Scene: The Place des Vosges. Several Sapotis clones are riding on the carousel.

Alya: Listen. We can renegotiate the amusement park idea if you want, 'kay? But first, I need you to chill out and come back home with me.
(Ladybug shows up in front of Alya. Using her yo-yo, she stops the carousel and remove all the propeller hats from the clones, making them all disappear.)
Alya: Ladybug! My sisters have been akumatized! I need to find them and bring them back home!
Ladybug: There's a way for you to find your sisters. But we're going to need your help! You interested?
Alya: Me? Help you superheroes? You bet I am! Just wait until I tell Marinette about this! (takes out her phone)
Ladybug: Hold on now. This has to be a secret. Not a word to your friends or on the Ladyblog.
Alya: Oh right. Understood.
Ladybug: (as she holds out the Miraculous box to Alya) Alya Césaire, here is the Miraculous of the Fox, which grants the power of illusion. You will use it for the greater good. (Alya takes the box) Once the job is done, you will return the Miraculous to me. Can I trust you?
Alya: Totally, Ladybug. (Ladybug nods her head. Alya places the box in the palm of her hand and opens it. A glow appears out of the box) Wha? What is that thing?
(Trixx appears between Ladybug and Alya.)
Trixx: I am not a thing. My name is Trixx, and I'm your kwami!
Alya: My kwami? I know! You're what gives superheroes their superpowers, right?
Trixx: (to Ladybug) Not bad.
Ladybug: She's an expert.
Alya: Mind blown! By the way, how old are you? Do you have an idea of Cat Noir's true identity? There's no way—
Ladybug: Stay focused, Alya.
Alya: Sorry, Ladybug. (puts on the necklace)
Ladybug: Ready to become a superhero?
Trixx: You just need to say one thing: "Trixx, let's pounce!".

[ Transformation Sequence ]
Alya: Trixx, let's pounce! (Alya transforms into Rena Rouge for the first time.)

Rena Rouge: This is so awesome! But I look like Lila when she was akumatized in this suit.
Ladybug: Yes, but the superhero version! Come on, I'll explain the rest to you on the way!
(Ladybug swings her yo-yo to get to the top of the building roofs. Rena Rouge jumps up to follow her. She looks around Paris as they both jump from roofs to roofs.)
Rena Rouge: Wow! This is so cool!
Ladybug: Mission first!
(Ladybug and Rena Rouge both continue to jump to look for Cat Noir)

Scene: Parisian streets. Cat Noir continues to try to take down the Sapotis clones.

Cat Noir: Huh? (As more clones appears behind a truck, he uses his staff to knock some of them down) What's taking so long, Ladybug?
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) There, my Sapotis! Take his Miraculous from him!
(The Sapotis clones all did a pile on Cat Noir, trapping him. One of them is about to take his ring off, but Ladybug arrives just in time to break the propellers and causes all the clones in the pile to disappear. Ladybug and Rena Rouge start to take down the clones one by one.)
Rena Rouge: This is so insane! I've got powers and I'm fighting supervillains!
(Cat Noir looks up to see both Ladybug and Rena Rouge did a heroic pose)
Cat Noir: Whoa! Who's this superhero friend of yours? No offense, but I thought I was the only one!
Ladybug: Cat Noir, I like to
Rena Rouge: Um...Rena Rouge! Yeah, my name is Rena Rouge!
Cat Noir: Well, sneaky fox, think you'll be as sneaky as a cat!
Ladybug: Um...
Rena Rouge: I don't know. Should we take bets? (rings Cat Noir's collar bell)
Cat Noir: Your friend seems pretty good.
Ladybug: I've surround myself with only the best!
Cat Noir: (to Rena Rouge) Welcome to our team! If you need any cool superhero tips, you know where to come! (kisses her hand)
Rena Rouge: Really? You're going to give me Ladybug's phone number? (Ladybug chuckles at her in amusement)
Cat Noir: I have a feeling working with you is going to be a lot of fun!
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) A new hero. So I was right! There are indeed other Miraculous in the city! Sapotis, listen to me! Three superheroes are nothing against you! There're still enough of you to destroy everything! So band together to take their Miraculous! Or I'll remove your powers and there'll be no more mischief!
(The Sapotis clones all come together and block the three heroes' way)
Rena Rouge: We're surrounded!
Ladybug: We're retreating!
(The heroes all run off to retreat on top of the columns of a building)
Cat Noir: There must be thousands of them!
Ladybug: Lucky Charm! (a unicycle appear)
Cat Noir: A unicycle?
(Ladybug looks around and sees the rickshaw, a garbage bin, four brooms, two traffic cones, Cat Noir's staff, Rena Rouge's flute, and finally the unicycle. She gasps when she notices that some of the clones have already climb up to the roof.)
Cat Noir: Whenever you're ready, my Lady! (He and Rena Rouge both leap away)
(Ladybug jumps down. She uses her yo-yo to get the garbage bin)
Sapotis: (through the traffic cone) Hello!
(Ladybug grabs one of the clones' traffic cone)
Sapotis: (through the traffic cone) Traffic!
Rena Rouge: Rake? Unicycle wheel? Traffic cone? Tape? Trash can? Did you always make things complicated when you're saving Paris?
Ladybug: Trust me, Rena Rouge. (Cat Noir places his extended staff to create a beam so they can go to another building) Here we go!
(One of the Sapotis clones is about to follow them, but Cat Noir pulls his staff away from her. The other clones catches her from falling as the heroes pushes the garbage bin to another location to carry out Ladybug's plan. Meanwhile at the Hôtel de Ville, the clones are causing numerous damage inside the building. Some of them draw onto a portait of André Bourgeois with a black permanent marker while the others are posing for a picture in front of a bust sculpture.)
Sapotis: Cheese!
(The clones in the building all stop what they're doing when they hear Ladybug's voice)
Ladybug: (riding on the rickshaw while yelling through the traffic cone) Hear ye, hear ye! Sapotis-Land, the amusement of the future is about to open! Mischief of all sight are commited in Sapotis land! All-you-can-eat dessert! Fountains of orange juice! Big-kids movies and video games!
(On a roof, Rena Rouge tapes the unicycle and rakes together)
Cat Noir: Alright, Rena Rouge! Time to use your power!
Rena Rouge: (takes out her flute) I never try it. I hope it's work.
Cat Noir: Just think of the illusion you want to create. Stay focus!
Rena Rouge: (blows onto her flute and forms a ball of energy at the far end of it) Mirage! (throws the ball of energy and creates an illusion of an amusement park. The Sapotis clones all charge toward it) Awesome! (gasps when she heard a ring) My necklace is flashing. Um, that's mean I'm going to change back soon, right?
Cat Noir: Yeah. But it's okay if I see who you are. I can keep a secret.
Rena Rouge: Naughty kitty. You know very well that our identities must be remain secret.
Cat Noir: Good job. You're a fast learner.
Rena Rouge: (did a secret handshake with Cat Noir) If you need any superhero tips, you know where to come.
Cat Noir: Mm-hmm.
Ladybug: (to the Sapotis clones) Follow me, and I'll take you to Sapotis Land! Where there's no bedtime! Where everything goes!
Sapotis: Sapotis Land!
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) No! Wait! Don't go there! Ladybug is trying to trap you!
(After the rickshaw bumps into two buildings, Ladybug jumps forward into the crevice)
Sapotis: Sapotis Land! (The clones all jump past the rickshaw and continue to run)
Ladybug: Phase two, Cat Noir! Now! (Cat Noir places his staff into the unicycle to form an axle) Step right up! Step right up! The Sapotis get in for free!
Cat Noir: All the Sapotis are in the alley! Phase three!
Rena Rouge: Is this really going to work?
Cat Noir: Oh, don't worry. Sometimes it's more absurd than this! (places the unicycle between the crevice) Your turn, Ladybug!
(Ladybug jumps up to use her yo-yo to turn the wheel of the unicycle. The rakes in each side knocks all the hats off the clones and Rena Rouge and Cat Noir catches them in the garbage bin. Eventually the illusion disappears and all the clones are surprised to see that "Sapotis Land" is gone.)
Rena Rouge: We got all the hats, Ladybug!
Cat Noir: Cataclysm! (touches the garbage bin)
(Ladybug jumps up and kicks the garbage bin into black dust, destroying it along with all the hats. The Sapotis clones all disappear, leaving two remaining. The two Sapotis turn back into Ella and Etta.)
Ella and Etta: Huh?
(The akuma appears out of the dust.)
Ladybug: No more evil-doing for you, little akuma. Time to be de-evilize! (captures the akuma and purifies it) Gotcha! Bye bye, little butterfly. Miraculous Ladybug! (The Miraculous light fixes all the damage caused)
Cat Noir, Ladybug, and Rena Rouge: (3-way fist-bump) Pound it! (They jump down from the roof and land in front of Ella and Etta)
Rena Rouge: Ett—! (Ladybug stops her from saying one of the twins' names) Uh...gotta get going! Uh...before I transform back!
Cat Noir: Looking forward to fighting villains with you again, Rena Rouge!
Ladybug: I'll join you.
Rena Rouge: Bye, kitty!
Cat Noir: Meow!
Ladybug: Cat Noir, can you make sure the two girls get back home safely? (Cat Noir nods)
Cat Noir: (to Ella and Etta) Okay, who's gonna tell me where you live?
Ella and Etta: (pounce onto Cat Noir) I will!
(Ladybug watches them chuckling before she leaves to follow Rena Rouge.)

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair

Hawk Moth: You and your friends have defeated me this time, Ladybug! But thanks to you, now I know there are other Miraculous in Paris! And most likely, a guardian!

Scene: Parisian streets. Ladybug and Rena Rouge hide behind a van so that the latter can detransform.

Alya: That was unreal!
Ladybug: You really helped us a lot. Thank you, Alya. (holds out her hand)
Alya: You know, if I held onto it, I could help you again.
Ladybug: You made a promise.
Alya: Oh please, Ladybug. We'd make a great team! I could help Cat Noir and you every day!
Ladybug: (her earrings ring) I'm about to transform back! Hurry!
Alya: Please?
Ladybug: I have to go! I'm trusting you! (opens a nearby door and goes inside, so she can detransform)
Trixx: You're absolutely right, Alya. I'm sure the three of you would make quite the team! You have all the makings of a true superhero. You're strong, brave; but most of all, you're trustworthy.
(Inside the building, Ladybug transforms back into Marinette. She sighs because Alya refused to return the Fox Miraculous. She gasps when she suddenly hears a sound outside. Tikki hides behind Marinette when someone opens the door. They look down to see Alya's hand place the box inside the door before it shuts again. Marinette chuckles in relief.)

Scene: Fu's massage shop. Master Fu places the Fox Miraculous back to the chest.

Master Fu: You made the right choice, Marinette. Thanks to you, Paris has been saved from evil yet again.
(Marinette chuckles nervously.)

Scene: Césaire apartment. Alya opens her door when Marinette rings the doorbell.

Alya: Marinette! Are you okay?
Marinette: I tried calling you tons of times! Why weren't you answering?
Alya: Wait 'til you hear! Something crazy happened to me!
Marinette: Really? What happened?
Alya: battery died. (chuckles nervously) Can you believe it? My brand new phone. Super letdown, huh?
Marinette: (chuckles) I'm just glad you're safe. (hugs Alya)
Alya: Ditto. (After they hug, Alya puts a plate with a pitcher of orange juice and two empty glasses on the coffee table) Keep the noise down. My sisters are asleep at last.
Marinette: Phew! (sits on the couch) All's well that ends well.
Alya: Thanks to Ladybug and Cat Noir.
Marinette: I heard they had another superhero with them tonight! A girl.
Alya: Huh? No! Seriously? I...had no idea! Who was it?
Marinette: Aren't we gonna watch a movie?
Alya: Oh come on! Please! Did you see her? Did you at least know what her name was? Or what did she look like? Come on, girl, tell me everything!
(Marinette chuckles in amusement.)


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