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A Christmas Special

Ho, ho, ho! No need to grab now, children. Good old Santa Claus has a gift for everyone.
Fine. Don't worry, I'm a tough old Santa. But, what are you doing out at this time of night? Are you lost? You're not exactly dressed for the cold weather. Maybe you'd like some hot chocolate, I've got some left.
Atta boy, that's what Christmas is all about. Families together.
Isn't it obvious? I'm Santa Claus!
Nobody around here respects the spirit of Christmas anymore.
♫ You think you can get away with making fun of me? You think you can get away with accusing me? I am Santa Claws! I'm a rebel with a cause! I'll punish and give you a fright! Have a horrible Christmas night. ♫
This will be the Christmas of revenge!
There are no more presents, no more spirit of Christmas! You should've been good.
How 'bout a nice sleigh ride, my little, wretched elves! Ho, ho, ho, ho! Hold on!
Miraculous holders

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/LadybugAdrien Agreste/Cat NoirMaster Fu



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Hawk Moth

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Alix KubdelAlya CésaireAurore BeauréalChloé BourgeoisIvan BruelJuleka CouffaineLê Chiến Kim
Lila RossiManon ChamackMax KantéMylène HaprèleNathaniel KurtzbergNino LahiffeRose LavillantSabrina Raincomprix


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