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Only love can conquer hate!

—Rose, "Dark Cupid"

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Rose Lavillant[2] is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont.[3] In "Princess Fragrance", after Chloé taunts Rose, she is infected with an akuma by Hawk Moth and becomes Princess Fragrance, a perfume-shooting supervillain.[4]


Physical appearance

Rose is petite with a blonde pixie cut hairstyle and very bright eccentric-like periwinkle eyes.

Civilian attire

She wears a shirt with light pink sleeves and top front, pink and white stripes on the front, a pink back that has a pale golden wing design, and string tied around her waist. She also has a pink mini skirt with two white edges at the bottom of the cloth, white shorts, two pink bracelets around her right wrist and pink dress shoes.

In Tales from Paris, the white stripes on her shirt are dark pink and she wears sandals.

As Princess Fragrance

Princess Fragrance's skin is a pale-like green, and her sclerae are light pink. Her hair is now pink with lighter pink edges on her bangs. It is longer and tied back into a rosebud-like bun, (hence her name) and detailed with black horizontal lines and black leaves around the bottom half. A black tube comes out of the top of the bun and hangs down to the back of her knees, and the end of her hair comes out of the end and is tied with a black band. Like a mask, black paint is around her upper face and over eyes, a swirl below her left eye. She also has pink lipstick.

Her outfit is black, covering her arms, legs, and neck. Narrow pink lines go down her puffed sleeves and puffed shorts, and they make a rose design on her chest. Her shoes are high heels, having pink heels and pointed pink tips to her toes. Her blaster is a dark purple tear-shaped bottle with pink horizontal lines, and the end is clear, rounded, light pink glass surrounded by dark gray leaf-like edges where it attaches to the bottle. Through the bottle and out of the end of the glass is a small dark gray pipe, which is where the perfume shoots out from. The handle and the trigger are thin, curled dark gray metal wire, and over one part of the handle near the back, there is a round, dark purple piece with indented lines spiraling around it.


HF S01EP11 (443)

Rose offering a snack to her classmates as they leave the classroom.

Rose is sweet, cheerful, and naive.[3] With an optimistic, happy attitude, Rose cares for everyone around her, often showing much gratitude, and she likes helping them, offering snacks and drinks to her classmates during their movie project in "Horrificator". Her kindness can occasionally lead her to a downfall (as she is naive), though, such as in the episode "Timebreaker." when the title character tricks her into helping her stand up, and thereby erases her from time. She is also very sensitive, easily becoming frightened to run for class representative after competitor Chloé threatens to kick her out of the scrapbooking club in "Darkblade".

As Princess Fragrance, she is obsessed with Prince Ali, and will stop at nothing to accomplish her goal to make him hers. She expects people to treat her like royalty, and she is particularly enraged by people who won't follow her or take Prince Ali away from her. She also likes to sing, and makes everyone under her control sing.


As Princess Fragrance

  • Princess Fragrance spritz perfume to control the doorman.
  • Princess Fragrance uses her perfume to fly.
  • Princess Fragrance's perfume lock.
  • Princess Fragrance creates a massive perfume cloud.

As Princess Fragrance, Rose's perfume bottle becomes a gun that can spray different scents, each with their own unique abilities. The barrel of the gun changes color to signify which one is being used. There are two types of scents seen:

  • The pink spray brainwashes anyone into serving her. Those affected will do whatever she says, and will speak only in song.
  • The green spray makes whoever it hits give off a horrendous smell.

If she points the gun downwards and continually shoots perfume, it propels her into and through the sky, allowing her to fly.


Juleka Couffaine

RK lq (3)

Rose leaning on Juleka's shoulder.

Rose is best friends with Juleka. They often hang out together during breaks between classes. If Juleka ever needs help and support, Rose willingly gives it to her, and she worries for Juleka if she is upset. She reassures Juleka that she isn't cursed and will get a good picture of herself for class picture day in "Reflekta", but she is mortified when Chloé prevents Juleka from being in the photo. In "The Notebook", Rose appreciates Juleka calling her awesome and writing it in her notebook as a way to cheer her up.

Prince Ali

Princess Fragrance LQ (676)

Prince Ali and Rose watching Ladybug depart.

Rose is a very big fan of Prince Ali, even writing him a letter expressing her thanks for all the kind things he does. At the end of "Princess Fragrance", Rose finally gets to reveal her gratitude towards him and befriends him.

When she is Princess Fragrance, she is passionately fixated on him, declaring him as her "prince" and planning to wed him. When they are interrupted by Ladybug, she tries to make Paris their kingdom for them to rule. When that fails, she suggests running away from Paris with him.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng

The Notebook (8)

Marinette and Alya commenting on Rose and her notebook.

Rose is good friends with Marinette. When Rose is trying to help Juleka break her photo curse, Marinette's help means a lot to Rose, and she is very happy that they were able to succeed after school in the park. Rose is also warmed by Marinette's compliment and drawing for her in her notebook.

Like many people, Rose highly appreciates Ladybug. As Princess Fragrance, she is very enraged at Ladybug ruining her wedding and figuring out to plug her nose in order to avoid the effect of the perfume.

Alya Césaire

Alya is also one of Rose's friends. Alya's kind comment towards her that she writes in her notebook helps to cheer Rose up.

Chloé Bourgeois

Princess Fragrance LQ (156)

Rose picking up the pieces of her letter that was ripped apart by Chloé.

Rose is both weary and terrified of Chloé, though she tries to be nice to her. In "Princess Fragrance", she optimistically asks Chloé to take her letter for Prince Ali to him, only for her hope to be shattered when Chloé rebukes her request and destroys her letter. Chloé sabotaging Juleka from being in the class photo just to be able to stand next to Adrien greatly upsets Rose, calling it "one of Chloé's mean tricks." It also takes her friends' encouragement to cheer her up after Chloé insults her notebook.

While she is Princess Fragrance, she gets revenge on Chloé destroying her letter to Prince Ali by spraying a stinky perfume onto her.



  • In "Mr. Pigeon", during the derby hat competition, Rose and Juleka are standing next to a derby hat with gears attached to it, suggesting one of them or both made the hat.
  • In the Latin American version, her name is Rosita.
  • In the past class photo from "Reflekta", Rose has longer hair, roughly shoulder-length.
  • In the episode "Princess Fragrance", it is revealed that Rose is left-handed.


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