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Rock Giant is an album by Jagged Stone that was released by Bob Roth Music. The cover is designed by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.


The cover features Jagged Stone standing on the world with smoke around his legs, the sun behind him, and him posed to strum a chord on his guitar. His name is written in silver in a jagged font, with smaller red font below having the album's name. The cover also has a brown scented sticker with a golden edge and design of Jagged Stone's head, with the sticker smelling like leather and sweat.




  • Rock Giant becomes #1 in sales, overthrowing XY, who was previously ranked at #1.
GV lq (156)

Marinette’s earlier design based on XY’s promotional artwork.

  • The earlier design for the cover is based off of XY's promotional artwork and his album cover for Number One. While Bob Roth supports it, Jagged Stone dislikes it, thinking it looks like an "perfume ad" and not reflecting his style.
    • Marinette's first design for the cover, under Bob's demands, is also based off of XY's promotional artwork.
  • Adrien Agreste owns a copy of the album, which he asks Marinette to autograph for designing the cover.
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