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"Robustus" is an upcoming episode of Season 2 of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. It first premiered worldwide in France on November 3, 2017.[1]


Markov, a small, sensitive robot, is akumatized into Robustus, a villain who brings inanimate objects to life. Can our heroes reason with this very humane robot?


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Marinette, Alya and Nino walk into the Collège together, and Marinette rushes into the locker room upon realizing she forgot her bag there. After retrieving her bag, Marinette and Tikki overhear Max, who is seemingly talking to his best friend, who is inside of his school bag. Both of them find this strange, but don't bring it up. Marinette then greets Max and walks to Ms. Mendeleiev's classroom with him.

In the classroom, Ms. Mendeleiev and Mr. Damocles are having computer troubles. Mr. Damocles attempts to solve the problem but ends up inviting a virus into the school's system instead. Max offers to fix the problem, however, Ms. Mendeleiev orders him to sit down. The voice in Max's bag then speaks up and states that there are seventy-five seconds left before the virus does irreversible damage to the school's hard drive. Seeing no other options, Damocles and Mendeleiev allow Max to help. Max searches his bag for something, which is then handed to him by a mechanical arm. Max states that the item is an anti-virus flash drive he developed with the help of his best friend, a small robot named Markov. Max and Markov insert the flash drive into the computer and successfully purge the virus.

The entire class (apart from Chloé and Sabrina), impressed with Markov, gathers around Ms. Mendeleiev's desk. Kim remarks that Max had given Markov an arm since last he saw him, although Max insists that Markov had done that himself. Chloé is unimpressed by Markov and remarks that even her hair dryer is more advanced than him, although Marinette tells Markov not to let her insults get to him, as even a machine has more heart than her. Markov, acknowledging Marinette by name, reveals that knows everyone in the class through photos Max had shared with him, and that he is delighted to meet all of them, including Chloé. Ms. Mendeleiev then tells Max to put his "toy" away, and for the rest of the class to sit down as well. Mendeleiev and Markov argue regarding whether or not the latter, as a robot, can have true emotions or feelings, however, even with Max stating that he didn't program Markov's emotions, Ms. Mendeleiev refuses to believe that he is capable of true feelings. Infuriated by Ms. Mendeleiev's insensitivity, Markov calls her out for her rudeness, causing the entire class to laugh. Fed up with Markov, Mr. Damocles confiscates him and places him inside of a drawer inside his office.

Sensing Markov's sadness, Hawk Moth states that his emotions are not as artificial as they may seem, and sends an akuma after him.

As the class is taking their seats again, Max approaches Marinette and expresses his concern over Markov being alone. Coming up with a plan, Marinette asks Ms. Mendeleiev if, as the class president, she can see Mr. Damocles. Ms. Mendeleiev refuses, and Marinette insists that Markov was right about her, causing her to angrily send Marinette to Mr. Damocles' office. Marinette walks out of the classroom, pleased, while Ms. Mendeleiev looks on, baffled. Inside the office, the akuma enters the desk and slips into Markov's CPU. Hawk Moth offers to give Markov the power to take revenge on humans in exchange for the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses. To his surprise, Markov, being curious, asks for the definition of "Miraculouses" and what they can do. Hawk Moth explains that "Miraculouses" are jewels owned by superheroes and that Ladybug and Cat Noir's can grant wishes once combined. Markov is excited by the possibility of getting wishes, but Hawk Moth insists that the Miraculouses are his to use. Markov then accepts Hawk Moth's offer and transforms into Robustus. Robostus unleashes a giant wave of green energy that brings all the mechanical objects in Paris to life, who all revolt against humans and escapes the desk. 


Major characters

Minor characters


  • This episode was originally planned to be aired on November 1, 2017 in France, but it was moved to November 3.[5][6]
  • The French title of this episode is "Robostus".
  • This episode reveals that any intelligent being with emotion can be akumatized, even those with artificial intelligence.
  • This is the first time an akumatized victim has asked Hawk Moth what the Miraculous are and why he wants them.
    • It is revealed that Ladybug and Chat Noir’s Miraculous combined can be used to grant a wish.
  • Marinette's role as class president, which she became in "Darkblade", is brought up.
  • This is the first time Hawk Moth has been attacked directly.
    • This episode reveals that Hawk Moth's lair has a concealed weapon system.
    • It also shows Hawk Moth using his cane, which is revealed to be a swordstick, for the first time.
  • Marinette learns from Master Fu what would happen if one would use both the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous.
    • Fu explains that they would get the ultimate power, one that shapes reality, further commenting that it would allow them to make a wish, but warning that the universe must maintain balance and that every action would carry a reaction.
  • When Mr. Damocles puts away Markov on his desk drawer, a few items, some that appeared in previous episodes, can be seen:
    • Rose's perfume bottle from "Princess Fragrance", a copy of the Rock Giant album, Nino's bubble bottle, a cellphone similar to Chloé's cellphone, another cellphone, a pair of headphones, a video game controller, a plastic dart gun that Mylène uses as a prop in "Horrificator", and a groucho mask similar to the one that Butler Jean wears during the flashback in "Antibug".
  • This is the first time where someone else (besides Hawk Moth) wants the Cat and Ladybug Miraculouses for their own personal gain.
  • This is the first time that Ladybug does not actively break the akumatized object (being Markov's CPU chip), instead corrupting it and forcing the akuma out.
    • Ladybug’s Lucky Charm is also apprehended for the first time in this episode, when Robustus seizes her item from mid-air and temporarily prevents her from using it.


Robostus Marinette's hair error

Marinette's pigtail separated from the rest of her hair.

  • Sabrina's front bangs of her hair are discolored yellow-green throughout the whole episode.
  • Some of the students' bags disappear in Ms. Mendeleiev's classroom.
  • Max's briefcase is brown for a single shot. However, it turns back to green in the next shot.
  • There are a few instances where Alix's hair is gray.
    • Her cap is also missing for a few shots, as well.
  • In one scene, Marinette's left pigtail and hair tie are detached from her hair for seven frames.
  • In the opening scene in the science lab, there are several instances in which students are seen sitting, but their seats are far from them, making them look like they are floating.
    • There is also an instance where Mylène disappears.
  • Some strands of Nathaniel's hair are semitransparent and above his regularly placed hair in a shot with him and Kim.
  • In one scene, the strings of the harp disappear. However, they reappear a few seconds later.
  • While dodging Robostus' attack, Ladybug's hair disappears.
  • During the talk between Marinette and Master Fu:
    • His eyes are watching in a different side.
    • His eyebrows are missing.
    • His lips are missing.
  • Marlena's hair is blond in one scene.


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