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Scene: Marinette's room. Marinette and Tikki are looking at pictures of Adrien on her phone.

Tikki: This one's nice, don't you think Marinette?
Marinette: They're all nice, Tikki! He's so perfect. Actually, he's too perfect. That's why I'll never be able to talk to him.
Tikki: Of course you will! We can even practice together if you want to.
Marinette: Really? Oh, Tikki you're so sweet! That would be amazing!
Tikki: Let's get to work. Ready?
Marinette: Hm!
Tikki: Repeat after me: "Hi Adrien, what's up? I was wondering if you would like to go see a movie tomorrow?"
Marinette: "Hey Adrien, what's up? I was wondering if you would like to go see a movie tomorrow?"
Tikki: Great job, Marinette! See? You did it!
Marinette: Yay! Thanks Tikki, I think I'm ready.
Tikki: Not so fast, Marinette! Now, let's try again, but this time… (holds up Adrien's picture on Marinette's phone) I'll be Adrien! (Marinette gets nervous) C'mon, you can do this! (imitates Adrien) "Hi Marinette".
Marinette: (nervously) Err… hi Adrien. Wha-what's up? Look, I- I was wavering, I mean, wondering if… if…
Tikki: (whispers from behind the phone) If you would like to go see a movie tomorrow.
Marinette: If you would like to go see a woozie tomorrow. Ah! Ugh! (puts her hands on her face)
Tikki: Oh, it's OK, Marinette, you're almost there.
Marinette: Forget it, Tikki, it's pointless. I'll never see a movie with him.
Tikki: Don't say that. Let's leave it there for today, and go get some fresh air. We'll try again tomorrow.
Marinette: Fresh air sounds great!
Sabine: (knocks on her trapdoor) Marinette, sweetie! (Tikki hides)
Marinette: Come in! (Sabine peeks her head over the trapdoor)
Sabine: Who were you talking to?
Marinette: Uh… uhm... Alya! That's right, I was on the phone with Alya.
Alya: (peeks her head over the trapdoor) Really? Funny, I don't remember that conversation. (chuckles) I bet you were talking to your posters of Adrien again, weren't you?
Marinette: (laughs nervously) Well I was, you caught me. Haha. (spots Tikki and smiles)


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