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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the character.
Reflekta pose (HQ)

Released on October 1, 2016 (Nick); February 10, 2017 (Netflix)

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I want you to flash your best smiles! Because it's the last time we are doing this!

Vincent, "Reflekta"

"Reflekta" is the twenty-third episode of the first season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. It first premiered on October 1, 2016 on Nickelodeon and February 10, 2017 on Netflix.[1][2]



When Juleka is excluded from the class picture, she is akumatized into Reflekta and threatens to turn everyone into a reflection of herself.[1]


Excluded from a class photo, dejected Juleka akumatizes into the villain Reflekta, who turns everyone, including Cat Noir, into copies of herself.[2]


Ms. Mendeleiev's class is taking a class photograph in the courtyard of Collège Françoise Dupont. Waiting on the steps in the courtyard is Miss Bustier's class. Marinette is freaking out about how she's going to be in the picture with Adrien, considering that since they're all in the same class and would be in the class photo together. Standing behind them are Rose and Juleka, overhearing Marinette's conversation with Alya. Juleka doubts that she will be in the photograph, given her history of things going wrong in photos. Rose tells her that Juleka isn't cursed, but Juleka doubts it. Ever since Juleka was a little girl, whenever someone tried to take a picture of her, something would get in the way. Rose and Marinette reassure her that this year will be different and that she will definitely be seen.

Finished with Ms. Mendeleiev's class, Vincent begins adjusting his set for Miss Bustier's class using two rows of benches. Vincent makes the shorter people sit on the bench in front, those being Max, Alix, Rose, Marinette, and Mylène. For the back row, he picks Nathaniel, Alya, Sabrina, and Chloé to stand on benches. Chloé protests, stating that she must stand next to Adrien since they're the same height, using her hand to emphasize that their foreheads are at the same level. But he disagrees, prompting Chloé to bring up her father as a threat. Since Vincent has no idea who her father is, he shoots her down and waves her off, threatening to make her sit in the front row. The rest of the students file in between the two rows, at least, all except for one. Marinette spots Juleka staying on the steps and makes Vincent halt in order to include her. He apologizes and tells Juleka that she can stand between Nino and Adrien. When she takes her place, Marinette comments that Juleka will be in the center of the photo, completely visible, and she'll destroy her "curse."

Before he is about to take the picture, Vincent groans. He starts moving Ivan around, prompting Mr. Damocles to ask what is wrong. Chloé states that she is in the wrong spot, even after hearing him say that Ivan is throwing off the picture's harmony. She then goes as far as to try to push Juleka out of the way. Both Miss Bustier and Adrien scold her and Vincent continues moving students around. Chloé continues her protests, saying that she is too far away from Adrien, but she is shot down again by Mr. Damocles.

Right as Vincent clicks the shutter button on his camera, the battery flashes, dead. He leaves to go get a new battery, telling the students to stay in their places. Meanwhile, Juleka asks Miss Bustier if she can use the bathroom, receiving permission. Chloé tells Sabrina to make sure Juleka doesn't come back. Sabrina runs off to the bathroom, grabs a nearby chair, and props it under the door handle of the stall Juleka's in, trapping her inside. Sabrina returns just as the photographer puts a new battery in the camera. Chloé jumps down from the bench and stands next to Adrien, swinging an arm around him. Both Adrien and Marinette question Chloé about what she's doing there, but Vincent gains the class' attention again. Before Marinette can stop him, he takes the picture, the eyes of the students all on Chloé, except for Marinette, who is holding out an arm to stop the camera, and Adrien, whose face is directed at the camera lens by Chloé's hand.

Vincent thanks them for their time, stating that the photo is perfect, to which Marinette protests that they need to take it again and tells Mr. Damocles about Juleka, whom he did not appear to realize is anyone, let alone a student at his school. When Marinette describes her, the rest of the class realizes she is missing and wonders where she is. Adrien states that she went to the bathroom. Seeing that if they manage to get Juleka back she would lose her spot in the picture, Chloé redirects Mr. Damocles into thinking about lunch and the other classes left to photograph, resulting in Mr. Damocles refusing to retake the picture.

During lunch break, Rose searches for Juleka, finding her trapped in the bathroom. Freed, the first thing Juleka asks about is the photo. Rose mentions that she missed it, but it was Chloé's fault. Juleka says that she was foolish to believe that she could ever be in a decent photograph, lamenting that she is invisible and that no one ever listens to her. Rose protests, but Juleka runs out of the school to the Park, sitting on a bench and started crying. Hawk Moth then senses Juleka's sadness, and send an akuma after her.

At Collège Françoise Dupont, Rose explains to Marinette and Alya about what happened. Marinette stands up, coming up with the idea to delete the picture so that Vincent will be forced to take another picture with Juleka in it. Sabrina and Chloé stand off to the side, overhearing their conversation and vowing Marinette not to get away with it.

Back at the park, the akuma had possessed into Juleka's wrist mirror. Hawk Moth greets her as Reflekta, telling her that he'll make it so she'll be the only one that people see. That she'll never be ignored again so long as she helps him in return. Juleka agrees and is akumatized.

Meanwhile as Marinette get inside Mr. Damocles' room to delete the photo and Sabrina and Chloé are searching for her, Reflekta went back inside the school and start turning everyone into identical physical copies of herself. Adrien quickly transformed himself into Cat Noir so he could stop Reflekta. Avoiding Reflekta's beam and after trapping her in a basketball hoop, Cat Noir is about to use his Cataclysm on some lockers that're blocking the school's entrance. But Reflekta had changed him into her mirror image before he touch the lockers, which also lead to Cat Noir losing his Miraculous ring. 

At the same time, Marinette got herself caught on purpose when Sabrina and Chloé are looking for her. But when Chloé showed her the video of her breaking into the office, Marinette gives her an ultimatum: give her Chloé's phone so she could delete the video or she'll erase the class photo instead. Without any choice that she'll delete the photo with her and Adrien together, Chloé gave Marinette her phone. But Sabrina took out the camera's memory card once Marinette have her hands on her phone. So Marinette gives Chloé another ultimatum: give her the card or she'll keep her phone. But when they suddenly heard Reflekta's voice calling Chloé's name, Marinette grabs the card from her and runs off and hide.

When Chloé steps out of the office after Sabrina runs to get Marinette, Reflekta finally found her and turns her into Reflekta's mirror image. Marinette had watched everything, so she ran to hide in the library and transformed herself into Ladybug. Ladybug realized that Reflekta is Juleka, and she jumps in-between Chloe and Reflekta. Ladybug then flees when Reflekta is about to zap her into her mirror image. Cat Noir watches them, and he started gather up the transformed-students so they can help stop Reflekta.

Ladybug had also realized that using her yo-yo is useless against the akumatized villain and before Reflekta get Ladybug's earrings, Cat Noir and the transformed-students surrounded them. They're about to get Reflekta, but she escaped and ran off to turn more people into her mirror image. When Cat Noir and Ladybug talked in private and while Ladybug makes fun of his looks, Cat Noir tells her that attacking in front of Reflekta isn't the best solution, unless Ladybug change her look. Which gives Ladybug an idea. Using her yo-yo, both she and Cat Noir went to the TVi studio.

While Reflekta turns many citizens of Paris into her mirror image, Ladybug is at the TVi studio, broadcasting to everyone that they have to wear a costume so she could tell which is the real Reflekta to stop her. Which leads to Reflekta knows where Ladybug is and goes to the TV studio. As "Reflekta" walked into the studio recording room, Ladybug uses her yo-yo and tied "her" up. Cat Noir took off "her" wrist mirror and tossed it to Ladybug so she can get the akuma. But after she smashed it, the akuma isn't in it. Both Cat Noir and Ladybug realized that it's a trap, and the imposter Reflekta is actually the Mayor!

The real Reflekta had showed up and is about to zap Ladybug, but Cat Noir took the bullet. Ladybug summons Lucky Charm, and a camera appeared. Using her lucky vision, Ladybug tells Cat Noir to turn off the lights and she uses the camera's flashes to temporarily blind Reflekta in order to evade her blasts. She managed to grab Reflekta's wrist mirror and breaks it, revealing the akuma. Ladybug catches the akuma and purifies it. She then tosses the camera and cleanses the city, returning everyone, including Juleka and Cat Noir, back to normal.

As Marinette go back to Collège Françoise Dupont, she tells Tikki that she had another idea to end Juleka's "curse". After returning Chloé's phone to her, as well as the memory card for Vincent, Marinette explains to him about Juleka not in the picture earlier and suggested taking another picture with her in it. When school's over, he once again takes the class picture, this time at the park. Chloe and Sabrina decided not to be in a "ridiculous" photo again, and Juleka thanks Marinette for ending her photo "curse" because she appeared in the center of every picture Vincent had taken for her.


Major characters

Minor characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in France.
    • This episode was the nineteenth to air in France.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Aurore and Mireille are in the same class.
  • The curse that is mentioned has been prominent before this episode aired; Juleka's face is blocked by Nino's hand in the title sequence.
  • During one of the final pictures, Adrien, Nino, Kim, and Juleka make a pose, referencing the movie Charlie's Angels.
  • It is revealed that Chloé, Sabrina, Nathaniel, Rose, Juleka, Max, Kim, Marinette, and three extras were all in Miss Bustier's class in the previous year. The characters' attire and hairstyles are also different:
    • Marinette wears her hair in a bun. Instead of pink, her pants are blue.
    • Sabrina's outfit is green instead of purple and teal. Her headband is also green instead of white.
    • Nathaniel's shirt is blue.
    • Rose's hair is longer.
    • Max's shirt is blue with green edges. He also has an Afro.
    • Kim wears the same style of hoodie that he normally wears, but the majority of it is yellow with the sleeves being red.
    • Miss Bustier's outfit is lime green.
    • Interestingly, Chloé's, Juleka's and Mr. Damocles' outfits do not change.


  • When Reflekta is spinning on the bench in the park, her leg phases through the bench.
  • When Reflekta first enters the school, Max is in the background next to Kim. However, only Max's hair can be seen floating away, the rest of him is invisible.
  • When Reflekta discovers Cat Noir and attempts to use her powers on him, her mirror is on her left hand, as opposed to being on her right hand.
  • When the camera zooms out from Reflekta when she asks where Chloé is, the two basketball net rings can be seen attached to the backboards, despite Cat Noir having torn one off earlier to bind Reflekta while he was unblocking the door.
  • When Reflekta confronts Chloé, a door can be see behind them. When Chloé runs away, the door is replaced by a wall.


Reflekta- Marinette, Juleka and Rose
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