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Bob, Jagged and I had an idea. Its concept is modern, but it respects Jagged's own... rugged style.

—Penny, "Guitar Villain"

Penny Rolling[1] is Jagged Stone's agent.


Physical appearance

Penny is a slender, dark-skinned woman. She has purple pixie-cut hair and hazel eyes.

Civilian attire

She wears a black jacket with a silver buckle and zipper over a white t-shirt with a v-neck, black pants, and black shoes. She also wears a silver necklace with a green pendant, one sphere-shaped earring on her right ear, and wristbands: a red band on her left wrist, and black and pink bands on her right wrist.


Penny appears to be the person holding Jagged Stone and Bob Roth together. In "Guitar Villain", she tries to make Bob and Jagged Stone come to an agreement, thinking about the "business" side of the issue while respecting Jagged Stone's decisions and style.




  • In the episode "Pixelator", Mayor Bourgeois confuses her name with that of Jagged Stone's crocodile, Fang.


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