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The Peacock Miraculous tool is the tool of the Peacock Miraculous. It is unknown what kind of object it is.[1]


The tool appears to be a single blue peacock feather. The barbs of the feather's shaft have been mostly stripped away, leaving only the eye of the feather. The eye is dark blue with a light pink spot in the middle. The top edging of the feather is a lighter, translucent blue from the fest of the feather. Le Paon appears to be holding a hand fan comprised of ten of these feathers with a translucent film between each shaft, but it is unknown if this means there are multiple feathers the Peacock bearer can use or if the fan is a different piece entirely.




  • The Peacock Miraculous object was first revealed when concept of Le Paon holding was a sneak peak at a Miraculous panel at New York Comic Con 2016.[1]


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