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The Peacock Miraculous is a brooch[1] that, whenever Duusu inhabits it, transforms the wearer into a peacock-themed superhero. It is currently owned by Gabriel Agreste and kept inside a safe behind a painting of Emilie Agreste in the Agreste mansion. The reasons for this, along with the abilities the Miraculous possesses, are unknown.


The brooch looks like a peacock with the shape of a peacock's body and head at the bottom center and with nine light sea-green tail feathers coming out from it.

It is currently unknown what it looks like in its disguise mode.


The powers granted by the Peacock Miraculous are unknown. However, as seen in "The Collector" on a digital version of the tool's page in the Miraculous spellbook, the tool appears to be a single feather or something similar.

List of owners


A Peacock Miraculous holder displayed in the Miraculous book.


The Great Guardian. When not in use, the Peacock Miraculous is supposed to be stored by him in the Miraculous jewelry box.
The guardians of the Miraculouses. The Order protected the Peacock Miraculous until their dissolution.
A famous French fashion designer and the current keeper of the Peacock Miraculous. He stores it in a secret safe in his mansion.




  • Peacocks are a symbol of integrity, vision, and vibrancy.
  • In the theme song, the Peacock Miraculous briefly appears in the Miraculous jewelry box.
  • Inside Gabriel Agreste's safe, it is placed in front of a picture of Emilie Agreste.
    • As noted during an event with the writers, it is "weird" that Plagg doesn't recognize it when he and Adrien look in the safe in "Volpina".[2]
  • As of Season 1, the Peacock Miraculous is the only Miraculous not seen in its disguised mode.
  • So far, Peacock Miraculous is the only Miraculous to not be the same or similar color as its kwami, being green while Duusu is blue.
    • This also applies to the suit the Miraculous creates, which is blue while the Miraculous is green.
  • As seen in "The Collector", the Miraculous spellbook has a different depiction of the Peacock Miraculous. In the book, it appears to be blue with five tail feathers.



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