Okay, let's all go to the park!

Alya, "Stormy Weather"

The park is the park next to Marinette's home.


The park's ground is mainly yellow-brown dirt with yellow-green grass. There are many trees with green leaves, providing plenty of shade. There are green benches and lamp posts scattered throughout the park. Next to the benches are gray trash cans. In the center of the park is a fountain. Surrounding the park are tall metal fences. Another feature of the park is the merry-go-round.





  • The park is modeled after Place des Vosges.[1]
  • In "Stormy Weather", a carousel is seen in one corner of the park.
  • In "Copycat", a statue of Ladybug and Cat Noir — designed by Théo Barbot — is added to the park.
  • In "Dark Cupid", there is a mailbox on the outside of the park fence across the street from Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie.
  • In "Reflekta", the fences have TV screens.


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