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I think I'm higher on the food chain.

—Animan, "Animan"

Otis Césaire[1] is a zookeeper at Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes and is the father of Alya, Ella and Etta Césaire. In "Animan", as a result of Kim's mockery, he is infected with an akuma by Hawk Moth and becomes Animan, a shape-shifting supervillain.[2]


Physical appearance

Otis is a plump man with a light brown skin tone. He has short brown hair with a full beard and sideburns.

Civilian attire

He rests glasses with large black frames on his forehead, but never wears them. He appears to be wearing a Hawaiian shirt that is pale yellow with pale pink palm designs. On his left wrist he wears a bracelet that features the tooth of an unknown animal. He also wears pale green jeans and brown work shoes.

As Animan

Animan can transform into any animal he chooses, but will retain purple glowing eyes and the akumatized bracelet on his wrist. The most common form he takes is that of a black panther.


Otis is very serious about his job as a zookeeper, and he feels that the animals there deserve respect. He doesn't like it when someone insults him and/or the animals.

As Animan, he supports the animals, setting them free. He goes for revenge against Kim for making fun of him and the zoo's new panther. Cleverly, Animan chooses the animals he shape-shifts into to help him succeed, whether to get Kim or defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir.

  • Animan as a black panther
  • Animan as a bald eagle
  • Animan as a ladybug
  • Animan as a bear
  • Animan as a tyrannosaurus-rex


As Animan

Animan has the ability to shape-shift into any animal he desires, even those that are extinct. In addition to shape-shifting, he has the ability to clearly communicate with other animals. However, transforming too often between forms wears him out.



  • Along with Wang Cheng and Lila Rossi, Otis is one of three characters who gets akumatized but does not appear in the theme song. However, he does make an appearance in the theme song animatic.
  • His name is never mentioned in "Animan".
  • When asked what Otis' relationship is to Alya's family, Thomas Astruc jokingly replied that he is "Alya's younger brother."[3]
  • Even though his name has been confirmed to be Otis Césaire, his name tag reads "Otis R." in "Animan".


Otis and his Panther
Click here to view the gallery.


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