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But Master, the Miraculous are not meant to be used for evil purposes!

—Nooroo, "Ladybug & Cat Noir"

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Nooroo[1] is a kwami that is connected to the Moth/Butterfly Miraculous, and with his power, his wearer can use the brooch to transform into a moth-themed superhero, the current wearer being Hawk Moth, who uses it as a villain.


Nooroo is a small, lavender, butterfly-like creature that is 10 centimeters tall.[2] He has butterfly wings that have a long tail with a tip at the end of each lower wing and darker purple eyes. There is a slightly darker purple spiral mark on his forehead and one on each lower part of the back of his wings.

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Nooroo is knowledgeable and helpful. He reluctantly succumbs to Hawk Moth's demands to help him get the Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous, as he has no choice, but he is distressed that he is helping someone use the Moth Miraculous for evil reasons.


Nooroo is able to fly, levitate, phase through solid objects, and carry things that are large and/or heavy for him.


Nooroo's master transforming into Hawk Moth.

As a kwami, Nooroo transforms the wearer into a moth-themed superhero and gives them the power of generosity by entering the Moth Miraculous.[3] The superpower he gives them is akumatization for creating superheroes that are loyal to the holder of the Moth Miraculous, although Hawk Moth is using it to create supervillains.


Hawk Moth


Nooroo conceding to Hawk Moth's orders, unwillingly.

Nooroo is treated like a slave by Hawk Moth and is completely under Hawk Moth's will. Nooroo is not pleased with his treatment or being forced to help a villain, but he submits to Hawk Moth's commands as he has no choice and tells him everything he wants to know. He does attempt to tell him that the Miraculouses aren't meant to be used for evil, but Hawk Moth refuses to listen and even yells at him.


Before Season 1

Before the Miraculouses were created, Nooroo and the other kwamis traveled all over the universe, unable to interact with humans. Until, thousands of years later, a mage created the Miraculouses.

For an unknown amount of time, Nooroo had been dormant in the Moth Miraculous, stored in the Miraculous jewelry box at the temple of the Order of the Guardians in China. More than one hundred years ago, Master Fu's mistake resulted in not only the destruction of the temple, but also in loss of the Moth Miraculous and the Peacock Miraculous. At some point in recent times, Gabriel Agreste found Nooroo and the Moth Miraculous, and he took them with him back to Paris.

Season 1

In "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)", Nooroo told Hawk Moth about the Miraculouses and the absolute power one can achieve when wielding the Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous at the same time. Then, after Hawk Moth asked him, he explained how the Moth Miraculous worked. When Hawk Moth proclaimed that he would use its power to create supervillains instead of superheroes, Nooroo tried to tell him that the Miraculous wasn't meant to be used for evil purposes, but Hawk Moth refused to listen and told Nooroo that he was his master and that he must obey him. Nooroo sadly obliged and entered the moth brooch.

Since then, Nooroo's powers were used against his will for evil.

Season 2

In "The Collector", after Hawk Moth made an akuma, he took off the Moth Miraculous revealing himself to be Gabriel Agreste. When Noonoo asked his master why the akuma is still here, Gabriel told him that he has to throw Ladybug and his son off his trail. To Nooroo's surprise, Gabriel denounced him and Nooroo returned to the Moth Miraculous. Later, Gabriel released him after his plan worked and he transforms again into Hawk Moth.

While Gabriel entered his lair in "Gorizilla", Nooroo questioned in curiosity if he believes that Adrien Agreste is Cat Noir. After Gabriel explained his suspicion and plan, he transformed into Hawk Moth.



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  • In the Korean and Turkish versions of the series, Nooroo's proper pronoun is she/her.
  • Unlike the rest of the known kwamis who have confirmed names, Nooroo's name has two doubles, whereas the others have just one double.
  • The swirl on Nooroo's head resembles the proboscis of a moth or butterfly.


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