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Akuma BustierClassIcon
Dudes, you know cellphones never work in horror movies.

—Nino, "Horrificator"

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Nino Lahiffe[4] is Adrien's best friend and a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. In "The Bubbler", when Nino can't get Gabriel Agreste to allow Adrien have a birthday party and is considered a bad influence, Hawk Moth infects him with an akuma to transform him into the Bubbler, a bubble-wielding supervillain.


Physical appearance

Nino is tall, with short dark brown hair, brown skin, and golden brown eyes.

Civilian attire

He wears a plain red cap atop his head. He also wears black-rimmed glasses. A pair of dark gray, blue, and orange headphones are found around his neck. He wears a short-sleeved blue shirt with an eye design on the front, having a black pupil, white sclera, dark gray upper eyelid with lashes, and light blue lower lid. Around his jeans is a brown belt, and while most of it is hidden by his shirt, one tip sticks out a little bit below it. Additionally, he wears lime green, pink, red, blue, and yellow bands around his right wrist, blue-gray jeans, and red and white high collar shoes with a white knight design on the tongues.

In Tales from Paris, he doesn't wear his wristbands, his headphones don't have blue markings, and the white logo doesn't appear on his shoes.

As the Bubbler

The Bubbler has light blue skin, reddish-brown eyes, and black circles around his eyes, along with a black spot above his left eye and a black spot below his right eye. He wears a bright red, blue and yellow body suit, with many parts of the suit being rounded like attached bubbles. Around his head, he has a red helmet that features a red antenna on top with a red sphere. Also, he wears black boots, black elbow-length gloves with pink knuckles, and black pants. On his chest, an eye-like black and white circle with two dark gray tubes attached. The tubes connect to Bubbler's red, yellow, and blue bubble container, where he puts his bubble wand when he isn't using it. The bubble wand has a blue handle and a yellow head with a long, oval hole.


Nino is fun-loving, enthusiastic, friendly, and compassionate. He enjoys being a DJ at parties and hanging out with friends. He is described as "a caring friend with a strong sense of right and wrong."[5] Noticing when someone, like Adrien, is upset, he does what he can to comfort them or cheer them up. If he has a vision for something, he stays dedicated to it, sometimes rather stubbornly.

OR-2 (985)

Nino giving supportive advice to Adrien.

But if things don't go in the fashion he wants them to, it exasperates and upsets him. He is more than willing to argue for his point, though he is able to change his opinions on situations or particular people. Nino becomes frustrated if he sees something that he considers unfair, like when Adrien's father won't allow Adrien to have a birthday party. However, he doesn't hold grudges for long, and whether by choice or not, he will help others when they they ask for it.

As the Bubbler, he becomes less caring and more aggressive, being much wilder and louder than normal. Although one of his intentions is to let Adrien have the birthday party that he never gets, he also despises adults and uses his powers to get rid of them. His hatred can extend to his peers if they defy his orders. His rage proves to even be an issue for Hawk Moth when he traps Ladybug and Cat Noir and sends them into the sky instead of taking their Miraculouses.


As a civilian

SS lq (83)

Nino DJing on The Challenge.

Nino is a skilled DJ, competing with his abilities and making it to the second round in The Challenge. With his cellphone, he likes to record videos, and, in "Horrificator", he films a movie with it. He is also knowledgeable in film tropes and film crew, noting how cellphones don't usually work in horror movies in "Horrificator" and mentioning Hollywood director Steven Basielberg in "Volpina".

As the Bubbler

With his bubble wand weapon, the Bubbler can create giant impenetrable bubbles with various powers and colors.

  • Purple bubbles can be used to chase and capture people, turning green. Additionally, the Bubbler can use them to project his face and give a message, and he can stand on them to levitate.
  • The Bubbler's weapon: a bubble wand.
  • Purple bubbles chasing adults.
  • A red bubble exploding.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir trapped in a green bubble.
Red bubbles are his offensive attack: he can throw them at his enemies, causing a fiery explosion on impact. Additionally, the Bubbler can turn existing red bubbles into swarming green ones that attach to people and morph into a giant green bubble. This is used to catch both Ladybug and Cat Noir in one go.

He is unable to levitate in mid air without standing on a bubble, but he can jump very high and can fly from one place to another leaving a trail of purple bubbles.

His bubbles can't be penetrated by limbs or by Ladybug's yo-yo. However, the shields Ladybug and Cat Noir create by rotating their weapons do offer some protection. Additionally, the bubbles can be blown away by air currents and can be burst by Cataclysm and the Miraculous Ladybug.


FT Unknown
FT Unknown
Lahiffe FT Nino
Nino Lahiffe

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


  • The official Miraculous Ladybug Tumblr blog revealed that Nino's family will be revealed in Season 2.[6]


Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir


Adrien reassuring Nino about talking to Marinette.

At first, when Adrien introduces himself to Nino in "Stoneheart", Nino is not fond of him, aware that he is Chloé's friend. But after seeing Adrien try to thwart Chloé's revenge on Marinette, only to come off as the culprit to Marinette, Nino's thoughts change on him. He asks Adrien why he didn't admit that Chloé did it, and when Adrien reveals that Chloé is his only friend, he warms up to him by introducing himself as a gesture of friendship.

Adrien is Nino's best friend. They enjoy hanging out with each other, and they sit together in class. Aware of Adrien's issues with his father, Nino tries to console and help him. In order to get Adrien a birthday party, he is willing to talk to Gabriel about allowing him to have one, a request which Gabriel coldly refuses. Nino notices that sometimes it's hard for him to get in contact with Adrien, but he doesn't hold it against him or anything else, not blaming him for his father's unkindness towards him. Nino cares for his friend's safety, worried about his disappearance and pleading for Ladybug and Cat Noir to find him in "Simon Says". Whenever Nino is stressed about something, Adrien encourages him and is always willing to help him, like, for example, when Nino plans to invite Marinette out in "Animan".

As the Bubbler, he prepares a birthday party for him and forces some of his schoolmates to attend and have fun.

The feelings Nino has for Cat Noir are that of a fanboy, finding him awesome and admiring him. He is thrilled when Cat Noir shows up shortly after Ladybug to rescue the class in "Horrificator", and he excitedly calls out that Cat Noir has arrived to save the class in "Reflekta". He considers Cat Noir and Ladybug as pals he can count on in any situation. As the Bubbler, he is not pleased with Cat Noir interfering with his plans.

Alya Césaire

LW S01EP07 (71)

Alya and Nino talking

Nino and Alya appear to be friends. During school in "Copycat". he happily agrees to Alya's request if she and Marinette can join him and Adrien to go to the movies. When Marinette isn't around to help Alya find out if Chloé is Ladybug in "Lady Wifi", she gets Nino to help, who, despite doubting Chloé would be Ladybug, assists her. The two don't always get along, however, Nino falling under Alya's fire when he admits to adding a kissing scene to her script without telling her in "Horrificator".

Nino and Alya after visiting the bakery.

In "Animan", when Nino tries to confess to Marinette the fact that he has a crush on her, he panics and says that he has a crush on Alya instead. After Ladybug put him in a locked cage, where he is stuck with Alya all afternoon, Nino reveals that, after spending time with Alya, he doesn't have a crush on Marinette anymore, finding that he has a lot in common with Alya.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

RC S01EP09 (14)

Nino filming Marinette and her father

Whenever they interact, Nino and Marinette seem to be friends. He answers Marinette's questions about what happened to Alya (who got suspended) during class in "Lady Wifi", and he tells her "good luck" while recording her at parent show and tell in class in "Rogercop". At the race between Alix and Kim in "Timebreaker", they both hold sides of Marinette's banner. In "Animan", it is revealed that Nino likes Marinette and thinks she is cute. Nino has had a crush on Marinette ever since "Rogercop".[7] However, after Nino spends a whole afternoon with Alya locked in a cage, he affirms that he doesn't have a crush on her anymore. Additionally, while they were in the zoo cage, Alya confesses to Nino that Marinette has a crush on a boy in their class; thus, Nino offers Marinette his help by saying that he will talk to whoever the boy is.

Most of the time, Nino appreciates Ladybug's heroism, believing in her and Cat Noir as people he can trust in. But when he is Bubbler, he dislikes her ruining his party and messing with his plans. Ladybug's arrival in "Horrificator" brings Nino a lot of joy, and he asks Ladybug in concern to help him find Adrien at the TVi studio in "Simon Says".

Chloé Bourgeois

LW S01EP07 (165)

Nino distracting Chloé

Although aware of Chloé's feelings for Adrien and, as the Bubbler, even helping her by playing slow dance music at the birthday party, Nino dislikes her and her rude, bossy personality. When Alya suspects that Chloé is Ladybug, Nino laughs it off, pointing out that no one as awful as Chloé could be Ladybug. He is also displeased by Chloé for blaming Sabrina of attempting to steal Marinette's diary instead of sharing responsibility for the crime during class president elections.

Gabriel Agreste

TB Agreste Foyer 2

Nino asking Gabriel to allow Adrien to have a birthday party.

Nino acts kind and respectful towards Gabriel whenever they interact, albeit a bit nervous talking to such a serious figure, but he is frustrated and exasperated at Gabriel's strict parenting towards Adrien. He can tell how much Gabriel's lack of involvement hurts Adrien, and he questions if the "old man" is a robot or has always been so depressing. In "The Bubbler", he meets with Gabriel to ask him to allow Adrien to have a birthday party, but he is upset when Gabriel rejects the request, calls him a "bad influence" for Adrien, and Adrien apologizes for Gabriel's behavior. However, when it appears that Gabriel gives Adrien a scarf, although it was actually Marinette's birthday gift for him, Nino admits that perhaps Gabriel can be good when least expected and lets Adrien know that he knows he doesn't see him like a bad influence like his father.



  • Nino is a DJ during his spare time, and he manages the school radio station.[1][8]
  • In the French version, Nino's villain name is called le Bulleur.
  • An earlier concept design for Nino involved a white shirt with red color included in the eye logo and dark gray headphones.[9]
    Thomas BD2017 5

    Alya and Nino sharing his headphones in a painting by Thomas Astruc.

  • In "The Bubbler", Nino has black hair, but in all episodes afterward, he has brown hair.
  • Nino sits next to Adrien and in front of Alya in class.
  • Nino's family comes from Morocco.[10] It was previously assumed his family came from Réunion based on a series of tweets.[11]
  • In the online game Miraculous Mission Ladybug, the Bubbler is the enemy, but he is colored blue and appears multiple times throughout the game.
    • Also, In Ladybug Contra os Vilões, he is the enemy, this time with the right colors.
  • In Season 2 and upcoming comics, Nino will have more interactions with Alya.[12]
    • Season 2 will also reveal more about Nino in general and his family.[13]


HF S01EP11 (472)
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