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Akuma BustierClassIcon
This article is about the character. You may be looking for the TV series' art director.
You? You're Marinette! You're beautiful and sweet and... you're perfect and I could never hurt you!

—Evillustrator, "The Evillustrator"

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Nathaniel Kurtzberg,[1] also called Nathan or Nath, is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. In "The Evillustrator", when Chloé mocks his art and his crush on Marinette, he is infected with an akuma by Hawk Moth and becomes the Evillustrator, an artist supervillain whose drawings come to life.


Physical appearance

Nathaniel is fairly short with turquoise eyes and messy red orange hair. He has long bangs that are brushed to the left side of his face.

Civilian attire

He wears a red t-shirt with a black design on the front. Over his shirt, he wears a gray dress jacket with a folded collar, folded sleeves, and side pockets. He wears purple jeans that are rolled up at the bottom, and his shoes are gray with white lace and a white section where his toes would be.

As the Evillustrator

The Evillustrator's skin is light purple, and his hair is brushed back while colored orange with purple tips. On his head he has a black beret, and on his face, he has a black butterfly-shaped mask. He wears a white suit with black stripes and solid black legs that become red halfway down his lower legs. On his chest, there is a black circle with smaller red, yellow, and blue circles inside. His collar is swan-necked, with a red collar underneath. A black drawing tablet is attached to the back of his right forearm. His pen is silver towards the tip, with the end being black with a red stripe in the middle.


EV S01EP08 (49)

Nathaniel being brought back from his focus on his drawings by Ms. Mendeleiev.

Nathaniel is imaginative and artistic. He is quiet and shy in class, and seems to be quite easily lost in his fantasies, like when he is daydreaming about his crush, Marinette. At the same time, he can be rather observant about details around him, including goo left by Horrificator in the the episode of the same name and the details of Chloé's bracelet in "Rogercop". Afraid of being judged, he prefers to be secretive about his art, and if he is accused of something, he is nervous, and, if the accusations are true, deeply embarrassed. He is easily terrified in some scary or stressful situations, like in "Horrificator", but in other situations, he is willing to stand up for himself, like when others accuse him of stealing Chloé's bracelet.

As the Evillustrator, he is more confident and direct, literally walking into Marinette's bedroom to ask her out and celebrate his birthday with him. Even akumatized, he still genuinely cares for her, promising her that he'll stop attacking Chloé and even defying Hawk Moth for a while for the sake of his date. However, he is furious at being humiliated or tricked, and he can be short-tempered and reckless. His response to Marinette betraying him is to tell her that she is just like Chloé, and he tries to trap her and Cat Noir on a boat with a huge leak before taking off to continue attacking Chloé.


As a civilian

Nathaniel is an artist, skilled in drawing pictures with pencil, pen, and marker. He is good at drawing still life, such as Chloé's bracelet, and drawing comics with human figures and designs.

As the Evillustrator

  • The Evillustrator drawing a hair dryer using his stylus and tablet.
  • The hair dryer appearing.
  • The Evillustrator "drawing" music.
  • The Evillustrator deleting Chloé's clothes.
  • The Evillustrator's tablet not working in darkness.

The Evillustrator has the power to draw whatever he wants onto his drawing tablet to make it appear and exist in real life. The objects he creates can levitate and move freely in the air. He can also erase things from real life. He can also erase/delete objects, both real life objects or previous drawings, like erasing a hole into a wall. However, in order to draw, the Evillustrator needs light, so in darkness, he is unable to use his powers.

Additionally, the Evillustrator is supernaturally agile, being able to leap high and far distances.


Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

EV S01EP08 (903)

Comic book cover of Ladybug drawn by Nathaniel.

Nathaniel has a secret crush on Marinette, drawing comics in his sketchbook of him saving her from villains. When he becomes the Evillustrator, he has the confidence to act on his feelings, asking Marinette if she would go out on a date with him for his birthday. When Marinette betrays him by leading Cat Noir to him, it hurts him deeply, and he angrily announces she is just like Chloé. It is not explicitly stated, but rather implied by the crossed-out image of his comic featuring Marinette, that by the end of the episode, Nathaniel no longer has romantic feelings for her. Outside of "The Evillustrator", Nathaniel treats Marinette politely and respectfully, such as asking her about her campaign in "Darkblade". However, he appreciate it when she points him out as a suspect for robbing Chloé's bracelet without stronger evidence in "Rogercop".

Nathaniel is relieved to know that Ladybug is around to save the day. After his time as the Evillustrator, in his sketchbook, he has drawn a comic book cover that features Ladybug with hearts drawn in red at the bottom of the page, possibly implying he now has romantic feelings for her.[2]

Chloé Bourgeois

EV S01EP08 (68)

Chloé looking at Nathaniel's sketchbook and revealing his crush on Marinette.

Like most people, Nathaniel dislikes Chloé for being a self-absorbed, mean-spirited person. He is horrified when she grabs his sketchbook from the floor, seeing his drawing of himself and Marinette and revealing his crush on her to the entire class. He also doesn't like it how Chloé bothers Marinette, so as Evillustrator, he draws a giant hairdryer to blow her away. At first promising Marinette that he wouldn't attack Chloé again, he changes his mind after Marinette breaks his heart and goes to destroy her.



  • Nathaniel's name is an homage to Nathanaël Bronn, the chief art director of the show.[3]
    • A Miraculous promotional French document from TF1PRO released on September 23, 2015 spelled his name as Nathanaël, but Thomas Astruc later confirmed the correct spelling of his name to be Nathaniel when he released multiple character's full names on July 18, 2016.[4][1]
  • His last name Kurtzberg is a reference to the famous American comic book artist Jack Kirby, who was born as Jacob Kurtzberg.[5]
  • Nathaniel is Jewish, as supported by Thomas Astruc, as Jack Kirby was also Jewish.[5]
  • In the French dub of the show, the Evillustrator's name is Le Dessinateur, meaning "the illustrator," "the cartoonist," or "the designer."
  • The Evillustrator tries to avoid following Hawk Moth's orders to get the Miraculouses. As punishment, Hawk Moth briefly controls his body and almost prevents him from preparing for his date with Marinette.
    • This is one of two times we see Hawk Moth use this ability, the other time being in "Pixelator".
      PT lq (496)

      The Puppeteer transforming Nathaniel back into the Evillustrator.

  • He is left-handed, as when he's the Evillustrator, his drawing pad is on his right arm and he draws with his left hand.
    • However, when he wakes up at the beginning of "The Evillustrator", he is holding a pencil with his right hand, so he may be ambidextrous to some extent.
  • His shirt symbol is based on the French rock band Magma. Both Thomas Astruc and Nathanaël Bronn are fans of the band.[6]
  • Nathaniel sits behind Ivan in class to draw without being noticed.[7]
    • He and Ivan are the only students in the class to not share their desks with another student.
  • Nathaniel becomes the Evillustrator a second time, when the Puppeteer transforms him using a doll in the episode "The Puppeteer".


EV S01EP08 (76)
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