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Wayzz Nasca Icon This page lists quotes from Mylène Haprèle. Please add to the contents of this page, but only quotes by this character, not quotes related to the character.

Season 1


You are suggesting we run, Officer Jones? After it devoured my family, my friends, even my beloved dog, Sniffles? Never! I won't run! I no longer fear it, I'm going to face it, then I'll—Wahh!
I need to sing my happy song, it always makes me feel better...
Uh, that's, uh... really sweet of you, Ivan. But... they're right. I can't act to save my life...

The Mime

It's called The Mime's Extraordinary Adventures, starring the most talented, amazingly awesome actor and mime: my father! Give it up for Fred Haprèle!

Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)

Help! I'm scared of heights!
Wow, [the song]'s really beautiful. It's a shame you can't hear them when you scream. I mean, when you sing.

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