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Akuma BustierClassIcon
You are suggesting we run, Officer Jones? After it devoured my family, my friends, even my beloved dog, Sniffles? Never! I won't run! I no longer fear it, I'm going to face it, then I'll-WAAUGH!

—Mylène, "Horrificator"

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Mylène Haprèle is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont.[1] In "Horrificator", after feeling humiliated for getting scared easily while filming Nino's movie, she gets infected with an akuma by Hawk Moth and becomes Horrificator, a monster supervillain.[2]


Physical appearance

Mylène is short and chubby with golden brown eyes and blonde hair, with some strands dyed green, blue, and magenta, put in dreadlocks. One dreadlock on her left side of her head has a purple cat bead, and another dreadlock on her left side has a golden loop.

Civilian attire

She wears a pink bandanna to hold her hair back, and she has a necklace with a stone pendant. She wears a periwinkle shirt with a white silhouette design on the front of a bird holding a branch with leaves, which is underneath an olive green hoodie jacket. There are pins attached to her jacket: on the right side, she has a daisy pin; on the left side, she has a ladybug pin, a panda pin, and a yellow and green pin. Additionally, she wears dark gray jean shorts, black leggings, and dark purple and white sneakers.

As Horrificator

Horrificator is a large salamander-like monster, the top half of her body mainly pink and the bottom half, along with her forearms, mainly purple. She has three yellow eyes with red pupils, the third eye being in the middle of her forehead, and periwinkle tentacles with spots are on the back of her head. Her head has freckles; her mouth has sharp, jagged white teeth, and her tongue is light blue. She has dark purple claws on her hands, while the claws her her feet are brown, the toes being tan-colored. Also, she has a long purple tail. The pin that Ivan gave her is attached next to one of her head tentacles, but is hidden by her pink goo.


HF S01EP11 (109)

Myléne grateful for the pin from Ivan.

Mylène is meek and cordial. Although she tries to be brave, she is easily frightened by anything that she sees as scary, which she is ashamed of and even cries about in "Horrificator". She also is sensitive to being made fun of, hurt by Chloé's mean remarks about her. She appreciates kindness, and she speaks very fondly of those she loves.

During her akumatization, she relishes in making everyone scared (as opposed to her being scared). Aggressive and menacing, she attacks everyone and doesn't like it if any of them aren't freaked out by her. She doesn't harm Ivan, though, because she likes him. When she is calmed down and tiny, her bravado and confidence are gone, leaving her terrified by the others and running into Ivan's arm for comfort and protection.


As a civilian

Mylène is a decent actress, being chosen for the leading role in the class' film. However, it's hard for her to stay in character when she is scared, like from Ivan's mask

As Horrificator

  • Horrificator spitting her goo.
  • Horrificator growing thanks to Max's fear and wearing Ivan's pin.
  • The Collège Françoise Dupont covered in goo.
  • Cat Noir failing to penetrate Horrificator's goo with his staff.
  • Horrificator's lair filled with goo cocoons.

Horrificator can spit a very resistant purple goo that she uses to block exits and trap people. Whenever she catches people, she brings them to her lair and traps them inside hardened cocoons. Whenever people scream in fear because of her, she grows larger, but if they stay calm or calm down, she shrinks, eventually becoming as small as a house cat. The larger she is, the stronger she gets, and she can make use of her tail by grabbing people with it. Ironically, when she fails to scare people, she starts to shrink.


Haprele FT Fred
Fred Haprèle
FT Unknown
Haprele FT Mylene
Mylène Haprèle

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Ivan Bruel

OR-2 (903)

Myléne telling Ivan that she loves the lyrics he wrote for her.

Mylène has romantic feelings for Ivan. Once she got to know him, she isn't terrified by his appearance, and they treat each other very sweetly.

In "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)" and "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)", she is the cause of both Ivan's akumatizations: in the first part, Ivan gets akumatized when he is teased by Kim because he doesn't have the courage to confess to her, while in the second part he is akumatized because she runs away from him, scared by his loud rock serenade. After transforming for the second time, Ivan kidnaps her and climbs the Eiffel Tower holding her in his fist, much to her frustration and fear. He is then defeated thanks to Ladybug tying them together with her yo-yo to make them kiss as a distraction. After transforming back, Ladybug gives Mylène the lyrics to Ivan's serenade (which were his second akumatized object); she is so touched by them that she hugs him, making him blush profusely.

DB S01EP12 (697)

Ivan comforting Mylène as they worry about Darkblade.

In "Horrificator", she appreciates Ivan's attempt to console her after she was insulted by Chloé, but she ends up crying and running away to the bathroom anyway. Once akumatized, she doesn't attack Ivan, licking his face instead. After shrinking thanks to her calming song "Smelly Wolf", she runs into Ivan's arms and, after transforming back, they kiss. In "Darkblade", when she and her classmates are in the City Hall under siege by Darkblade and his knights, she gets close to Ivan, and he hugs her to comfort her.

Fred Haprèle

TM (121)

Mylène presenting her father.

Mylène loves her father, and she is proud of his acting abilities.

Chloé Bourgeois

Just as the rest of her class, Mylène is weary of Chloé and her rude insults. In "Horrificator", Mylène runs off in tears after Chloé mocks her for being a scaredy-cat, but she gets her chance to get payback later as Horrificator when she traps Chloé as one of her victims. She also tells Ms. Mendeleiev in "Antibug" that she isn't the one pulling Chloé's hair, which Chloé confirms.



  • As seen in "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)", she's scared of heights.
  • Whenever she needs to feel better, she sings "Smelly Wolf" to herself. Ladybug uses this to stop Horrificator by singing the song to her with Cat Noir and their remaining classmates.
  • Her akumatization appears to be heavily influenced by the movie the class makes in "Horrificator".
    • Horrificator is the name of the movie.
    • Her akumatized form looks similar to the mask Ivan is wearing for the film.


HF S01EP11 (55)
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