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MFC Ladybug Red

Mudekudeku was an OmuHimba girl. She was a past Miraculous holder, wielding the Ladybug Miraculous and transforming into a ladybug-themed superhero when Tikki inhabited them.

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Mudekudeku wears a traditional calfskin skirt and jewelry that depicts her social status. On her ankles are jewelry that protects her against venomous animals. Because her entire body is red with black spots, indicating the area protected by the Ladybug Miraculous — which she used to transform — it can be assumed that the magic acts like otjize paste. She has several otjize hair plaits.


If this past Ladybug Miraculous holder had the same powers are the current Ladybug (Marinette), she had enhanced abilities and the superpower Lucky Charm and Miraculous Ladybug. She also had a yo-yo, as seen in the image.


  • Thomas Astruc drew Mudekudeku in an image created for a fan-made charity magazine. She appears in the image with Jeanne d'Arc, Hippolyta, and Ladybug (Marinette).[2]
  • Her name means "the Great Ladybug" in Bantu.[3]
  • Because her hair is not acting as a veil, it can be assumed that she has passed the age of puberty. Since she does not wear an Erembe in her hair, it can additionally be assumed that she is not married. Likewise, she is not considered a woman among her people.[4]



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