Watch what happens when you play about with flammable substances in a chemistry lab.

Ms. Mendeleiev, "Princess Fragrance"

Ms. Mendeleiev's classroom is a lab classroom at Collège Françoise Dupont where Ms. Mendeleiev teaches math and science.



The floor is a green and white checkerboard pattern. In total, there is ten oak desks (not counting Mrs. Mendeleiev's) with granite countert ops. The far left of each desk has a white sink with a metal spout. Below each sink is two white drawers, presumably for storing science supplies. Mrs. Medeleiev has a light oak desk with a sink identical to the students' on the far right. Normally, during school hours, various scientific tools sit atop this desk.


At the front of the classroom is a green chalkboard with a light brown wood border. To the left of the chalkboard is a dirty-white stone wall with a recurring theme of having squares within squares. To the right of the chalkboard is a dark oak door. All the walls in the classroom have a lighter white square stack about three feet before touching the ground. At the very top of the wall is a series of stone squares with indented bottoms.


This wall also has a window with black grilles that shows the nearby stairs. Next to that window is a light oak door (the exit/entrance to the classroom) with a metal handle. On the other side of that door is more windows along the wall, showing out into the central courtyard. These windows also have black grilles. Just below these windows is the lighter white stack of small cubes mentioned earlier. Just before the wall meets the back wall, it returns to the regular architecture of the rest of the walls. The wall to the right of the chalkboard has large windows showing Paris. These windows have vertical brown grilles.


The back wall has a dark oak door just before it meets with the left wall. This wall has the is the architecture as the others, but has a periodic table of elements framed in black on the top left. The center of the wall has an assortment of sticky notes pasted to it.





  • In "Horrificator", the classroom is empty, due to the school being closed at the time.
  • In "Antibug", Ms. Mendeleiev is seen using Miss Bustier's classroom.


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