Bee Nasca Icon This page lists designs and outfits for Mrs. Agreste. Both final and conceptual designs are presented here.

Final designs for images

Mrs. Agreste's most recent photos

SS (1499)
Mrs. Agreste has fair skin, green eyes, and blonde hair that she keeps in a ponytail placed over her left shoulder. She also has thin lips, a small nose, thin eyebrows, and almond-shaped eyes.

In many pictures of her as an adult, Mrs. Agreste wears a light pink jacket with a black stripe on the edges over a black blouse. On the coat, a brooch shaped like a flower with five petals and a pearl in the center can them can be seen. As seen in concept art, she also wears light pink business pants and black high heel shoes.

First appearance: "Simon Says"

Family portrait

In a family portrait of Mrs. Agreste with Gabriel and Adrien, she wears a white long-sleeved dress with a light pink collar.
First appearance: "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)"

Seventeen years old

SS (1003)
As seen in a picture of her at age 17, she is wearing a blue tank top, and her hair is tied back into a simple ponytail.
First appearance: "Simon Says"
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