Bee Nasca Icon This page lists designs and outfits for Mr. Kubdel. Both final and conceptual designs are presented here.

Final designs

Mr. Kubdel

TK Dress properly
Mr. Kubdel is at a medium height with pale blue eyes and orangish-brown hair. He also has a mustache.

He wears thin-rimmed glasses, a lavender scarf, a purple undershirt, and a dark gray vest with a gold Egyptian hieroglyph pattern. He also wears a mauve jacket, gray slacks, and black shoes.

First appearance: "Timebreaker"

Winter outfit

Ladybug Christmas Special (11)
Mr. Kubdel's clothes are underneath a dark gray jacket instead of the regular jacket. He also wears a gray trilby hat with a gray band around it and a pair of black gloves.
First appearance: "A Christmas Special"
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