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I'm sure Mademoiselle can remember when she was a little girl, when Mr. Cuddly was always nice to Mademoiselle when she was sad!

Butler Jean to Chloé Bourgeois, "Despair Bear"

Mr. Cuddly is a teddy bear that belongs to Chloé Bourgeois. In "Despair Bear", it gets infected with an akuma, turning Butler Jean into a tiny villain who controls the bear from the inside like a large puppet.


Mr. Cuddly is a yellow teddy bear which has white diamond-like eyes surrounded with black edges. Its snout and his inner ears are white, its mouth and nose are black, and its belly is white with black horizontal lines crossing it. Its yellow color is the same as Chloé's jacket, while its belly resembles Chloé's shirt. The toy also seems to have a squeaker inside of it, as whenever it is shook or squeezed, it makes a squeaking noise.

When it houses the akuma, it becomes dark purple with a white v-neck (like Jean's suit), and it has glowing green eyes.




  • As assumed from Chloé's memories, Mr. Cuddly was given to Chloé by her father when she was small, and it was a companion that helped her get through the sad moments in her childhood. She also showed it to Adrien when they were children.
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