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This article is about the classroom. You may be looking for the Miss Bustier's students.
Nino, Why don't you have a seat in the front row this year?

Caline, "Ladybug & Cat Noir"

Miss Bustier's classroom is a classroom in Collège Françoise Dupont. Miss Bustier teaches her students here, although other teachers will sometimes teach here as well.


The classroom has pale brick walls, brown wooden baseboards, pale brown wooden floor. Large windows are on two parallel walls, one showing the courtyard within the school and the other showing the landscape outside of the school. There are three doors to the room: one goes into the school hallway, one is led up to by wooden stairs to the right of the chalkboard at the front wall, and a third on the left of the back wall. The front wall of the classroom has a huge chalkboard, and the other walls have maps attached to them.

RC S01EP09 (10)

The back of the classroom.

The front of the classroom includes a chalkboard and desk with a chair and a computer for the teacher. The floor goes up in levels across from the front of the classroom. Four wooden desks with attached benches, with enough room for two students each, are on each side of the leveled floor, walkways left between them and on their sides and brown flooring placed underneath them. The back of the room is greatly covered by bookshelves full of a variety of books.



  • Miss Bustier's classroom has been the site of multiple akumatized villain attacks.
    • In "Rogercop", the title character enters the classroom while looking for André Bourgeois.
    • In "Horrificator", the title character hides under Miss Bustier's desk, captures Nathaniel, and fights Ladybug and Cat Noir.
    • In "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)", Stoneheart breaks down the classroom door, grabs Mylène and Chloé, and leaves through the wall, leaving an enormous hole.
    • In "Antibug", Vanisher pesters Chloé during class.
  • In "Antibug", Ms. Mendeleiev is seen using Miss Bustier's classroom.


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