The Miraculous music video is a music video of "It's Ladybug", performed by Laura Marano. It premiered at San Diego Comic-Con International on July 23, 2016, and was released on Nickelodeon's website the same day.

This version of the "It's Ladybug" will be the theme song in Season 2.[1]


1st Verse:
Another day, I don't know why
He looks my way, and I get so shy.
So insecure, oh, in myself
'Til someone says they need my help

Oh yeah they'll never know
'Cause I'm unstoppable
And when it's time to go
That's when I become...

Miraculous! Simply the best!
Up to the test when things go wrong!
Miraculous, yeah I got this!
I've gotta confess, I feel so strong!

2nd Verse:
I'm watching him, he looks at me
We know our names, not our identities
He's super cool, he's pretty fast
And he knows how, how to make me laugh

He's got me spinning 'round
My feet are off the ground
And when it's time to go
That's when I become...

Chorus 3x

3rd Chorus Harmony:
Miraculous, you are the best!


Spoken (by crush, music video only):
That was amazing. Do you know who she is?



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