The Miraculous Christmas Album is the official soundtrack to the Christmas special, released by ZAG Records.

It was released on December 22, 2016, and it contains 10 songs.[1]


Track Title Length Sample
1 Miraculous Theme (Christmas Version) [feat. Kalina & Kiana Campion] 0:30
2 Marinette & the Bakery 1:18
3 Cat in the Night (feat. Bryce Papenbrook) 1:00
4 Brand New Day 0:52
5 The Boy That I Secretly Love 1:12
6 Bad Santa Claws 1:57
7 We All Have the Right 0:49
8 My Christmas Wish (Bonus Track) [feat. Kalina & Kiana Campion] 2:34
9 It's Gonna Be a Miraculous Christmas (Bonus Track) [feat. Kalina & Kiana Campion] 2:22
10 Miraculous Theme (feat. Laura Marano) 1:56
Total Length 14:30


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