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"Miraculous Adventures Issue 3" is the third issue of the Miraculous Adventures comic series by Action Lab Comics. The issue was released on September 27, 2017.[2][3]


The Trash Krakken Part 2

Ladybug and Cat Noir are in New York, fighting a terrible menace that threatens to destroy the entire city. Alongside the world’s greatest superheroes, will they be able to stop the Trash Krakken before it’s too late?[2]


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Major characters

Minor characters


  • The Action Lab Comics logo appears on the regular cover on a screen and within the comic as sign that Ladybug wraps her yo-yo around while swinging.
  • Tikki and Plagg both ate something that isn't their usual food in this issue to recharge, both of them eating different types of granola or candy bars.
  • On the last page, a van stuck in the Trask Krakken looks similar to the Mystery Machine from the Scooby-Doo franchise.


  • Marinette finds herself completely naked after detransforming, despite wearing clothes before transforming into Ladybug in the previous issue and Adrien detransforming back into his swim trunks without any issue.
  • Ladybug calls Birdy "Sparrow" in one of the panels.[4]
  • The top color of Birdy's mask changes from brown to gray halfway through the issue.
  • Sometimes, Public Enemy's tattoo doesn't appear on his arm, although his arm positioned in some panels should include it.





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