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This article is about the live action film. You may be looking for another Miraculous.

Miraculous is an upcoming live action film based on Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. will be directed by Jeremy Zag and Chris Columbus, and written by Thomas Astruc. The film is currently in production.[2][3]

The movie was first revealed during a behind-the-scenes YouTube video posted by user Lindalee Rose who visited Zag Heroez studios in the US.[4] The film was later confirmed to be in production during the "Miraculous" panel at Anime Expo 2016.[5]

Jeremy Zag revealed in an interview on August 25, 2016 that the movie is currently in the scripting stage, and that the story of the movie will be based around Ladybug and Cat Noir's origins, and how they both fell in love, while including more details.[6]

At Los Angeles Comic-Con on October 30, 2016, a poster for the movie was revealed, and the release date of 2019 was announced.[7] Since then, in early 2017, the date was pushed back to 2020.[1]


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