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Miraculous is a book series that adapts episodes of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. So far, nine novels have been released in France, but no US releases have been announced as of now.


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Series Books Series premiere Series finale
1 9 June 1, 2016 (France)[1] TBA
# Title Adapted Episode Release date ISBN Price
1 A Super Babysitter Stormy Weather June 1, 2016 2012318770 5.00
Marinette is a schoolgirl like any other...well, almost! She hides an incredible secret: she is Ladybug, a masked heroine. And today, a double mission awaits her: she has to baby-sit while saving Paris from a supervillain, who is determined to plunge the city into a storm![1]
2 One Cat Too Many! Copycat August 3, 2016 2011956382 5.00
Ladybug can't believe it: Cat Noir stole a painting from the Louvre! But when her teammate claims that it is the work of an impostor, the superheroine believes him. Obviously, there is one Cat Noir too many in this city, and Ladybug hopes to remedy this![2]
3 To Alya's Rescue The Pharaoh September 28, 2016 2011956854 5.00
For Marinette, the life of a superhero is not easy. And even less today: when Alya was about to discover who hides under Ladybug's mask, she was kidnapped by a supervillain! Will Marinette succeed in saving her best friend and protecting her secret identity?[3]
4 A Supervillain's Perfume Princess Fragrance December 14, 2016 2017004111 5.00
Marinette is facing a formidable dilemma: take Tikki, who became very ill, to the doctor, or save Paris from a new evil, Princess Fragrance! Armed with a bewitched perfume gun, she intends to put the city at her feet. And woe those who want to stand in her way…they will soon be put under the perfume's charm![4]
5 Operation Valentine's Day Dark Cupid January 18, 2017 201700426X 5.00
It's Valentine's Day! As Cat Noir prepares to confess his feelings to Ladybug, he is struck by an evil arrow, turning his love into hate. How to free him from this evil? One thing is for sure: this time, the superheroine will have to rely only on herself…[5]
6 Duel Between Friends Lady Wifi March 1, 2017 2017020834 5.00
Alya, Marinette's best friend, has become Hawk Moth's victim! Transformed into Lady Wifi, an ultra connected supervillainess, she is determined to discover who hides under Ladybug's mask. Marinette must do everything to stop her and protect her secret![6]
7 Superliar! Volpina May 17, 2017 2016255544 5.00
A new student has joined Marinette's school. As soon as she has arrived, the girl is already talking about herself. It must be said that she claims to know the biggest stars: Jagged Stone, Steven Spielberg and even… Ladybug! Super popular or super liar? Marinette is determined to clear up the truth![7]
8 LadyChloé Antibug August 16, 2017 2016265744 5.00
This time, Hawk Moth did strong: he turned Chloé into an evil double of Ladybug: Antibug! But how to fight a supervillain who has the same reverse? It's a delicate mission for Ladybug...[8]
9 Vote Marinette! Darkblade November 8, 2017 2017035165 5.00
Marinette is desperate: Chloé is the only one to run for the election of class representative. She'll win by default… Yet this plague is only interested in herself! So, it's decided, Marinette will be a candidate! Except that her rival is ready to do anything to win… and that she could receive precious help: that of the evil Hawk Moth![9][10]
10 Panic at the Zoo![11] Animan January 3, 2018 2016271310 5.00


  • The authors listed for the books are Zagtoon and Method Animation.



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