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Miraculous: Tales from Paris is a series of 2D-animated webisodes released on YouTube.[2] They are designed by Angie Nasca.[3] According to the official Tumblr blog, 26 webisodes are planned.[4] The web series first launched on January 18, 2017, on the Miraculous Ladybug YouTube Channel.

The series is about the everyday life of Marinette, and it features various students from Miss Bustier's class.[5][6] According to André Lake Mayer, "The 2D format will let us explore new creative executions while staying true to the 'Zag style' of inspirational storytelling, visually intriguing, fun, relevant and high quality content."[7]

English cast


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Episodes Season premiere Season finale
26 January 18, 2017 TBA
# Title Release
1 "The Notebook" January 18, 2017
Marinette, Alya and Juleka show Rose that her notebook can be very special.
2 "Inspiration" January 26, 2017
Marinette works on a design for the school dance with Tikki.
3 "Repetition" February 15, 2017
Marinette struggles with finding the confidence to ask Adrien out. So, Tikki to the rescue to help her out!
4 "Busy Day" March 16, 2017
Marinette wants to go to the movies to be with Adrien but must stay and help her parents bake macarons at the Bakery. Alya, Juleka, and Rose come to the rescue to help Marinette so that she’ll be done on time to go see Adrien.
5 "Homework Essay" April 3, 2017
Marinette must write a short essay on someone who inspires her but struggles to decide who. She finally finds inspiration in her parents.


  • The webisodes were originally planned to come out in late October 2016, but they were delayed to January 2017.
  • The series was originally announced to be designed by Nathanaël Bronn, but it is currently unknown if his design work was used in the final production.[2]
  • Early concept art of the series was labeled with the title Miraculous: Adventures of Ladybug. The same title was used on concept art for a CGI villain, Style Queen.
  • YouTuber Lindalee Rose will appear in some of the the webisodes as a young interviewer.[9]
  • On December 22, 2016, Ezra Weisz confirmed that the webisodes had started recording after he mentioned that Kira Buckland came in to record.[10]
  • Marinette and Adrien's superhero identities, Ladybug and Cat Noir, do not appear in this web series.[11]


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