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  • Hello! You put string of the word "SPOILER" as a warning for those who didn't want to see spoilers in your post on a thread, but there is a better and more effective way to hide spoilers and protect those who don't want to see them. This wiki has a HideSpoiler template, which is a way we hide major spoilers on wiki pages or messages. Here is how you do it on the forum.

    First, click on the "Switch to source mode" button, which is located on the bottom left corner of a forum message and has two brackets on it. There, you can add in the SpoilerButton or HideSpoiler templates, which are written like this:

    {{SpoilerButton}} {{HideSpoiler}}

    The SpoilerButton template adds in a button for users to click to reveal or hide spoilers. The spoilers themselves go into the HideSpoiler template like this with the straight vertical line splitting up the template name and the information:

    {{HideSpoiler|Marinette is Ladybug.}}

    If you click the "Switch back to Visual mode" button, which has an eye on it and is to the right of the "Source mode" button, the templates will appear like green puzzle pieces, although they will show up properly when the message is posted.

    When you incorporate these in, in source mode, it should look like this:

    {{HideSpoiler|Marinette is Ladybug.}}

    Or this:

    Marinette is Ladybug.}}

    When the message is posted, the templates should work like this:

    Marinette is Ladybug.

    I changed your original message to incorporate the HideSpoiler and SpoilerButton, it you want to see it in use.

    I hope this explains it, but please ask me if you have anymore questions on how to add the SpoilerButton and HideSpoiler templates. Thank you!

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