• I live in space
  • I was born on September 7
  • My occupation is nyan-ing
  • I am a nyan cat
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  • if that were gabriel would have been chloé in secret, who's the snob that's on the derby hat competition. Yes, I have a crazy idea! Here it comes: before Gabriel's soul was born, Gabriel's soul chose who he would be, chose between some ten people. he had three favorites. cloé, andré and gabriel. He took all three, so he decides what all three should do. but, of course, why did he do that Chloé was not obliged to make Mylene or Kim akumatized a second time. Yes, he loves to do things that the other may not want. in any case, when he was the collector, he collects himself, and now that I think about it, I came to one idea. Here comes the craziest theory, GABRIEL AGRESTE = GOD

    me after I wrote this

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