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  • Hi! I know you're excited for the upcoming seasons of Miraculous and have a lot of hopes and ideas for what will happen, but if it's not officially confirmed by a crew member or the show itself, we consider the information as headcanons until proven otherwise. You added "winter-based powers" to Duusu's page, but we don't have any official confirmation that those are powers she has. Fan ideas are great, but please don't add them to articles, which are meant to only have confirmed info. If you do this again, we'll have to issue a ban warning.

    Thank you!

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  • Welcome!

    Hello, Tesshu! Thank you for your edit to Master Fu!

    Before you do anything else, please make sure you read all of our site's regulations. If you have any questions afterwards, any of the staff will be happy to help you out.
    Ladybug Nick Promo Art
    • Mothpurple2 15x15 Bureaucrats are Hawk Moth
    • Ladybug15x15Icon Admins are Ladybug
    • Evillustrator Icon Image Controllers are the Evillustrator
    • Nino Icon Content Moderators are Nino
    • Ring15x15 Rollbacks are Cat Noir

    If you would like to create fanon material, please visit our sister wiki:

    Miraculous Fanon Wiki

    We're glad to have you here and hope to see you around!
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