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  • To do it, go into Source Mode (the brackets down below) and put:

    {{SpoilerButton}}{{HideSpoiler|Marinette is Ladybug.}}

    The "Marinette is Ladybug" with whatever you want to spoiler out, naturally. If you type the double bracket things and start the words Spoiler and Hide, they should come up.

    Hope that helps! It seems to also work without going into Source Mode, but don't quote me on that.

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  • Hello! I notice you asked about how to use the HideSpoiler. Here is how you do it.

    First, click on the "Switch to source mode" button, which is located on the bottom left corner of a forum message/comment and has two brackets on it. There, you can add in the SpoilerButton or HideSpoiler templates, which are written like this:

    {{SpoilerButton}} {{HideSpoiler}}

    The SpoilerButton template adds in a button for users to click to reveal or hide spoilers. The spoilers themselves go into the HideSpoiler template like this with the straight vertical line splitting up the template name and the information:

    {{HideSpoiler|Marinette is Ladybug.}}

    If you click the "Switch back to Visual mode" button, which has an eye on it and is to the right of the "Source mode" button, the templates will appear like green puzzle pieces, although they will show up properly when the message is posted.

    When you incorporate these in, in source mode, it should look like this:

    {{HideSpoiler|Marinette is Ladybug.}}

    Or this:

    Marinette is Ladybug.}}

    When the message is posted, the templates should work like this:

    Marinette is Ladybug.

    I hope this explains it, but please ask me if you have anymore questions on how to add the SpoilerButton and HideSpoiler templates. Thank you!

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  • The concept of the Akuma, which I see as something of a Jeckyll and Hyde scenario, is one of my biggest draws into Miraculous. At first it seems like it's just another cliche of the anime villain brainwashing victims into soldiers, but we know that the victims still have their free will except they're essentially drunk with power, and the villain merely just points them in Ladybug's direction as they rampage uncontrollably (only forcing control when they're forgetting who's in charge). And we know they're supposed to be more superheroes in support of Ladybug and the other Miracles, except corrupted in purpose due to Hawkmoth. The most interesting part is knowing that as of Season 1's end, all of Marinette's friends in Ms. Bustier's class have been akumatized at least once, so now they've all been her enemies as well. There's a lot of directions all these concepts can go.

    The show as-is sadly doesn't seem to want to do anything with the Akuma beyond make them the standard anime cliche of "monster-of-the-week". We don't get to see the victims deal with how they feel over their actions because of conveniently-induced amnesia (I hate that!) and so they go right back to status-quo. Their Akuma-selves never appear again (barring extreme circumstances like Puppeteer or the Day of Heroes), and so we don't get to see their powers and potential develop over time. We don't even get to see how Paris in general reacts to knowing that anybody could be a potential menace if their emotions are intense enough to get Hawkmoth's attention. It just feels like the actual presence of the Akuma is not getting the proper respect and concern it deserves.

    Yeah, it's still a simple and silly kids' show in the end, but it's still something that nags at my thoughts.

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  • Thanks for reconsidering your reply to my theory thing.

    I wanted to say that I don't actively try and tear your theories apart- I'm trying to point out where it contradicts the facts so you can re-work it to fit the facts. I actually like hearing what you have to say. I don't think I'm very good at expressing myself without coming across as abrasive but still maintaining a professional tone. Which is never my intent, I just have a very... poor way of expressing myself through text? Even when I try and come off as light, the words I choose make me sound arrogant. Rudeness is never the way I intend to approach anyone or anything, though I tend towards it on becoming frustrated.

    It is nice that we both have differing outlooks, I truly love nothing more than someone who opposes my views since it gives me someone to help improve my theories, but our choices of wording things is what causes the actual strife between us. As such, I would very much like to start over. And so...

    Hello!! I'm Ellie, or thearomalady, I'm a theorist and frequent editor of TV tropes. The "T" in my username was not suppose to be capitalised, but I did it on accident. If you look to the editing history of LoliRock on that site, I did much of the work over the course of a week or two to make the section fuller and more complete (and I watched both seasons of the show on loop while doing this so I would not miss anything). When I compose theories, I fact-check everything and still forget minor details that make the entire thing fall apart, and I watch things frame-by-frame for the little details. I like playing Devil's Advocate (hence why I argue both sides of the Hawk Moth=Gabriel theory) I like kids's shows, sweet foods, drawing, writing, and singing (even though I am rubbish). I know more about Harry Potter and Disney animated movies than any normal person should. If you put me in front of a "Try not to Sing" challenge, I'll be fine as long as the songs aren't Disney. My favourite colour is yellow, I am stubborn (betcha didn't know that!), I actually like grey and brown, my favourite season is winter (followed by autumn), my birthday is the same day as Hermione Granger's (with a 13 year difference), I am a Ravenclaw and a Thunderbird, and I learnt to spell most words the British way because that was how I learnt them, despite being American. This is also why I spell "Akumatized" as "Akumatised" and why I omit a period after the abbreviations Mr, Ms, and Mrs.

    It is very nice to meet you!

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    • I think it's just easier to say that everything in Season 1 happened without naming any specific order to it beyond Origins being first and Volpina being last. If I recall, outside of those bookends and the odd moment of referencing a past episode later on (Stormy in Nath's daydream), it was stated by Astruc that there is no actual order to Season 1's episodes at all. Code Lyoko was the same way in its Season 1: no order to the episodes at all except for the season finale being last.

      In any case, Season 2 will be a lot tighter with continuity, or so it's claimed, so we won't have to be debating this any more.

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    • Hm, well, there does seem to be an episode order, since there are dates mentioned or shown in reference to most of the episodes. (shrug) Besides, it's fun to try and puzzle it out, don't you think? I love puzzles.

      I thought you didn't like debates? ;-)

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  • Welcome!

    Hello, Maetch! Thank you for your edit to Where is Hawkmoth's secret hideout?!

    Before you do anything else, please make sure you read all of our site's regulations. If you have any questions afterwards, any of the staff will be happy to help you out.
    Ladybug Nick Promo Art
    • Mothpurple2 15x15 Bureaucrats are Hawk Moth
    • Ladybug15x15Icon Admins are Ladybug
    • Evillustrator Icon Image Controllers are the Evillustrator
    • Nino Icon Content Moderators are Nino
    • Ring15x15 Rollbacks are Cat Noir

    If you would like to create fanon material, please visit our sister wiki:

    Miraculous Fanon Wiki

    We're glad to have you here and hope to see you around!
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