aka Bella

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on July 15
  • My occupation is a writer, an otaku, an artist, a student, and a full-time fangirl. In no particular order :)
  • I am female ;3

Hia guys, feel free to leave a message. I'd also be glad if you'd leave a message if you felt I offended you in any way, so we can sort it out. :)

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  • I just wanted to make some friends in this fandom. So, since I remember we share the same ships, I would like to start with hi! ^^

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  • Kay so I was just reading through ur "tell the community about yourself" section thing and I'm in almost all those fandoms!! I LOOOOOVVVEEE Percy Jackson stuff though I have yet to read lord of the rings and/or watch them... And then of course the obvious fact I'm in the miraculous fandom since I'm on this wiki... XD But then in ur occupation section thing you said you like drawing and then writing too... I mean we're so much alike its almost funny!!!

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    • Oh wait there it is XD

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    • Hooray! You finished! Now you just have to finish RWBY chibi, lol.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hey so I just saw in your "occupation" section that you like drawing Ladybug? ;) If you've finished any, could you post them on ur blog section here? :)

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  • I'd love it if you all could check out my fanfics, it'd mean a lot to me :)

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