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  • Please do not change information on articles to put the French version over the English version. You can prefer any language version of the series you like over the English version, but this wiki follows the English version first and foremost, even if it doesn't make sense logically (like with the Wang Cheng language situation) or culturally. We don't have anything against the French version, and it's our second important reference for the wiki, as it is the main language the show is written in and where the show takes place. However, this wiki uses the English version over the French version if we have the former, so please respect that this is how this wiki organizes information and where the reference for many things in-show come from.

    Also, don't engage in editings wars, instead messaging the person why they removed your edit(s), and avoid using hidden comments as a means to support an edit, especially as a way to express your opinion within an article that won't show up regularly except while editing.

    If you continue in actions like these, you will be susceptible for a temporary ban. Thank you.

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    • But the English version is personally terrible! I was going to say "sucks", but I watched myself, except I am saying it now. Besides, the original French version of "Le Pharaoh" had Alya saying tenth grader, and the English version messed it up saying ninth grader for some unknown reason! 

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    • I'm sorry, but that's just how I feel, personally. :( I'm sorry! :'(

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    • I've explained why we're sticking to the English way, but I never said it's wrong to hate the English version or prefer/favor another version. While I enjoy the English version, it has plenty of flaws, and there are editors and staff members on here who even take the French version as the better version. The fun aspect of the show is that you can choose from a lot of different languages and find the one that's best for you.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • For future reference, please don't make topic thread titles too long since it's excessive and not required. Also, please don't create duplicate threads for one topic, (for example: this thread is a duplicate of this thread) especially if your question(s) have already been answered and covered. Thank you!

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  • Greetings! Just to let you know, this wiki follows the show's English version, although the French version is what we look at if the English version hasn't come out yet. We know the French names and spellings, but because we're following the English, we go with the English version.

    Additionally, in a forum discussion, it isn't necessary to make posts correctly people's spelling errors. People make mistakes, and as long as it isn't within an article, it's okay.

    Thank you!

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