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    Actually he sensed when Hawk Moth transformed, not when Nooroo cam out of the brooch. Maybe Duusu is out of her miraculous, but isn't used and is separated from it? If Nathalie or Mrs Agreste will be Le Paon, maybe they just let the miraculous being left in the safe, without renouncing Duusu, hence why the peacock miraculous looks like that? It might look more like Duusu when she's in it, like in the book. Maybe's she's hanging around either Nathalie or Mrs Agreste, while her miraculous is safe. I don't see why not, they were only bonded to the miraculous thanks to the mage, but maybe that doesn't mean they can't get away from it, Tikki spend quite some distance and time away from Marinette in Princess Fragrance, and she looked fine even if she was sick. So Wayzz does not sense when the kwami is out of it's miraculous, he senses when it's using their powers. Either that or he was just bidding his time, he must have scanned the entire book first, then asked Nooroo everything he needed to know so he could make plans. Could have taken some time. Since he's playing with very powerful things, he must be aware of the risks and consequences before going for it. Maybe he just decided he was prepared for it and began his career as Hawk Moth only when he had everything he needed to know to make sure the miraculouses and his wish would get to him.

    Hawk Moth sounded so heartbroken when he discovered that the things he had in his hand weren't the miraculouses.

    Like I said, we're making people mad by talking on the "Dark Owl" page.

    But if that's true, then that raises even more questions od why he didn't use Nooroo's power before. The thing is, he doesn't speak to Nooroo like he's talked to him a lot, and Nooroo is still happy.

    Here's the problems I have with the green brooch being the Miraculous: for one, it's a completely different shape from the one in the book. It's not just the colour. I've said dozens of times it feels, the feathers are different, the angle the tail is at is different, and the number of feathers don't match up. For another, it still looks like a Peacock, and every other Miraculous loses its colour and becomes inoccuous so you can't tell what animal it's supposed to be. Only Master Fu's bracelet doesn't lose it's colour and animal attributes, merely looking like a jade turtle bracelet, but it does lose colour (according to the art of Carapace), and its animal attributes are engraved on it, they aren't an addition or part of the colouring. But it's still only one colour. Following that logic, at most the Peacock should at most look like an albino peacock pin if it doesn't look like a flower bud. For the green brooch to be the Miraculous, it has to change colour (not lose colour, change colour), its feathers need to become narrower, there need to be more feathers, and they need to fan out. It has to undergo a pretty significant change. Consider what the other four do: turn black and lose wings, turn black and lose spots, turn silver and lose cat paw, turn solid jade green and lose black markings. Compare that to what the blue Peacock Miraculous has to do in order to become the green brooch. Pretty much all of them seem to lose their colour and animal attribute (the Turtle actually does this, indirectly anyway). Obviously not all of them can do that, like Rena Rouge's will at most lose all of its colour. But the thing is, none of them change their true shape. The wings are an addition to the Moth Brooch, not part of it. They're its animal attribute, like the entire bee picture is on the comb. I'm pretty sure the Bee and the Fox will not be changing shapes when they become kwami-less f they follow the trends set by the other four we've seen. The Bee should just look like a rather plain decorative comb, and the Fox will likely look like a flame or a fish hook. The Peacock should also follow suit and not change shape, just lose its colour and animal attribute (which would be the body of the peacock, I imagine).

    I remember him sounding mad, not heartbroken, but I only saw the epsiode the once.

    ps congrats on going up in the wiki ranks.

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