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  • Have you got official proofs for release dates?

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  • Hello! While blogs are a great way to relay information, there are better ways to relay it when it's very little information. Blogs are meant for a decent amount of writing for information, like explaining a theory or expressing thoughts on a matter, rather than a few sentences. For example, in your blog labeled "To Lilanette", you could've posted that information on her message wall. News info is also better shared on message walls, comment sections, or in the forum.

    When you have info that can be stated in a few sentences and isn't very long, please use someone's message wall, the comment section of the related article, or a forum post. Thank you!

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  • I'd rather not post my opinions on the crossover thread, as it would be derailing.
    But to satisfy your curiosity about the ZagToons Quantic universe, here are my opinions/ratings:

    Gayajin: Plant themed powers are always interesting, because relatively few superhumans or supervillians have had these abilities.

    Miss Rose: No data available. But seriously, spies in bright blue and pink outfits , how stealthy is that?

    Power Players: No data available.

    None of the above decisions are final, I need more data or to actually see an episode before making that judgement call.

    These next three I will never be interested in:

    Pixie Girl: It looks like they just cloned the Miraculous characters/concept, heck, the male lead is uncannily similar to Cat Noir! What company thinks a smart decision is to clone their own show????
    Ghost Force: It's a clone of Danny Phantom and I dislike clone shows.
    Zakstorm: It looks like a silly pirate show to me.

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  • I should point out that OCs are classified as fanon and this might be a cause of conflict on this wikia.
    It would be best if you edited your post to remove that question, to avoid getting in trouble with the moderators.

    Hence why at least twice so far, when I think a discussion is going to be fanon based, I immediately take it to the fanon wikia.

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