Maths is a textbook used by students at Collège Françoise Dupont.


The book cover includes the title in white text at the top and black algebra equations scattered throughout the rest. The cover's background includes a green section with a white grid taking up most of the cover, a blue square in the top left corner with a darker blue hexagon within a circle design, an orange left side, a yellow top side, and an orange triangle and circle in the top right corner. The orange and blue squares wrap around the book's spine, and the back of the book is comprised of orange and yellow rectangles with a description in white. The publisher logo, Ext Frontier, is placed on the bottom of the spine, the bottom of the back of the book, and the bottom left corner of the cover.

With the blue version of the book, everything looks the same except for different colors. The title is white, the equations are black, the grid area is lavender with darker gridlines, the larger rectangles are blue and dark blue, and the cover's top left corner is white with orange shapes.




  • In American English, "mathematics" is abbreviated as "math" instead of "maths."


Orange variation

Blue variation

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