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Master Fu's chest is a wooden box owned by Master Fu that is hidden in a secret compartment in a phonograph. It is meant to store Miraculouses.


The chest is made out of very dark reddish brown wood, has a golden hinge for the lid, and is shaped like an octagon. Four of the sides have golden buttons on the center, and the four sides in between them have two golden buttons that are vertically aligned. Each button has a darker-colored Chinese character on it naming an animal from the Chinese zodiac. The lid of the box at the top has a red design, a circle with patterns in the middle surrounded by wavy lines as the edge. The box includes more than one floor.[1]

Top level

Inside the box, on the top level, there is a gold outline of a flower with five petals, each petal having a pointed tip, and a center. The color outside of the flower is red. Each section of the flower is meant for a Miraculous.

OR1 lq (556)

The inside of the chest.

The center section is raised above the others, and it includes the yin-yang symbol, yin having a red outline and yang having a white outline. In yin, there is a red circle with five blacks spots, which is where the Ladybug Miraculous is placed. In yang, there is a silver paw print within a silver edged circle, which is where the Cat Miraculous is placed.

Each petal-shaped section is a different color with a darker-shaded circled symbol in the center. The petal section opposite of the lid's hinge is blue with a darker blue peacock symbol, which is where the Peacock Miraculous is placed. The lower left petal section is pink with a purple butterfly symbol, which is where the Moth Miraculous is placed. The lower right petal section is green with a darker green turtle shell symbol, which is where the Turtle Miraculous is placed. The upper left petal section is orange with a darker orange fox symbol, which is where the Fox Miraculous is placed. And the upper right petal section is yellow with a darker yellow bee symbol, which is where the Bee Miraculous is placed.



  • The box appears to be patterned after an East-Asian influence, as evidenced by the octagonal construction, the flower-patterned inlay, and the stylized, red relief. It's currently unknown why this is.
    • The flower is probably styled after the cherry blossom, though it could be based on any other bloom of the malus genus.
  • When Master Fu gives Miraculouses to Marinette and Adrien, each Miraculous is in a tiny version of the chest. However, the tiny chests don't have the golden buttons, and the bottom of the insides are entirely red.
  • To access the chest from the phonograph, Master Fu must press the eyes of two opposing dragons engraved on a side of the phonograph. The dragons' eyes glow red, and a hatch opens between them, revealing ten buttons. Master Fu presses four particular buttons, which causes the phonograph to turn 170 degrees. The top with the record pops off, two sets of doors slide open, and a table spirals upwards from the inside of the phonograph with the chest on it.
  • It is currently only known to contain the Fox Miraculous and the Bee Miraculous.


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