Bee Nasca Icon This page lists designs and outfits for Marlena Césaire. Both final and conceptual designs are presented here.

Final designs


KF (316)
Marlena is petite with brown skin and dark brown hair put back into a bun.

Marlena wears a white chef shirt with three white buttons on each side of the front, light blue pants, and white tennis shoes.

First appearance: "Rogercop"

Winter outfit

Ladybug Christmas Special (576)
Marlena wears a violet coat with black buttons and lining over her regular clothes. She also wears a purple checkered scarf with thread ends and a pair of pink gloves.
First appearance: "A Christmas Special"

Final design accessories

Chef hat

PX (7)
When working in the kitchen as the head chef at the Le Grand Paris hotel restaurant, Marlena wears a tall white toque chef hat with the hotel’s logo on the band brim.
First appearance: "Pixelator"

Bow and arrows of sweets

KF (822)
While Marlena is controlled by Kung Food, her eyes are orange. She wields a recurve bow made of sweets. The bow handle is made out of a large chocolate eclair, and the limbs are made out various colored macarons and different sized chocolate balls with honey attached to a bowstring. The quiver is strapped over Marlene's right shoulder by a chocolate fudge sash, and the quiver is made out of a spiraling candy cane for the middle, the ends being a large chocolate macaron. She wields and carries candy cane arrows with caramel fletches.
First appearance: "Kung Food"
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