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Plagg Nasca Icon Square This page is a transcript for "Marinette and Alya". Feel free to edit or add to this page as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Marinette's room.

Marinette: Dear diary, something amazing happened today. I absolutely have to tell you!

I was in the park near home with Alya, and... oh my... I bumped into Adrien. With the sun reflecting in his hair and everything, he looked so good that I almost fainted!

I couldn't even say a simple hello. It's a good thing Alya was there for me. Alya and me, we're BFFs. It's so amazing to have a best friend like her. She's always there for me. We're super close, you know? We can talk about everything. We laugh all the time and we do a lot of stuff together!

For example, we'd love to go to the cinema and talk about the movies afterwards. It's always so interesting, because Alya always notices things I didn't see at all, in movies, and in real life.

She's the most observant person I know. And she has an interest in everything! She's also very curious. maybe too curious. But this is why she'll be a great journalist. That's what she wants to be in the future.

She also created a blog 100% dedicated to Ladybug, the Ladyblog. She-s a huge fan. She even has a special alert on her phone, so she can be on the scene whenever something happens and film everything for her blog.

From "The Pharaoh"

Alya: Coming to you live, Ladyblog viewers... Look at Ladybug go! If I'm dreaming, don't wake me up!


Marinette: And when she's not reporting, she spends her time investigating and looking for possible information about Ladybug!

Her dream is to have an interview with her. And maybe she will someday. Who knows? A little help from destiny and boom! The miracle would happen. I'll keep you updated!


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