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Thank you, but no longer Celestial Soup. Now called: Marinette Soup.

Wang Cheng, "Kung Food"

Marinette Soup is a soup created by Wang Cheng. After winning the World's Greatest Chef contest, the soup becomes a part of the menu of Le Grand Paris. The dish was originally called "Celestial Soup," but after the events of "Kung Food", Wang renames the soup in Marinette's honor.


The soup is colored purple. For presentation, it has a golden swirl in the center with a purple flower and a few green leaves on top.



  • The soup was originally named "Celestial Soup", but Wang Cheng changed it's name at the end of the episode "Kung Food".
  • The soup was named a new dish in the hotel after final judging, without the interference of Chloé.

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