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Nooroo Nasca Icon This page records the history of Marinette Dupain-Cheng. This article includes past tense and broadly looks over the events this character has experienced.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is a teenage girl who was chosen by Master Fu to wield the Ladybug Miraculous and become the superhero Ladybug. At first, she was reluctant to the job, but she gradually grew into the role.

Season 1


In "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)", on Marinette's first day of school in her last year of collège, Marinette woke up late. Worried about Chloé being in her class again for the fourth year in a row, Marinette did not want to go to school. Her mother reassured her that no one can be that unlucky and she would be fine. Marinette then lost what luck she had, spilling her breakfast and making a mess in the kitchen. When Marinette then left for school, she brought with her a box of macarons. As she waited at the crosswalk outside her home, she saw a man crossing the street and pulled him to safety, losing some of her macarons in the process and making her late to school.

Lo and behold, she was in the same class as Chloé once more, immediately being bullied by her to move seats. Alya saw this and helped Marinette, pulling her to sit next to her in class. Before Marinette could make it to her new seat, she tripped, spilling all but one macaron. Marinette split this macaron to share with Alya, the two becoming friends.

After the first class, Marinette and Alya were in the library when they saw the rock monster Stoneheart shouting for Kim. Alya rushed off, leaving Marinette behind. Marinette returned to her home, finding a small box in front of her computer. When she opened it, a flash of light entered the room and she met Tikki, a talking kwami. Tikki convinced Marinette to put on the Ladybug Miraculous and to transform into a superhero. Afraid, Marinette did not want to be a hero, but with no way to remove the costume, Marinette left her room, swinging her yo-yo and flying out across Paris.

Still learning how to control the yo-yo, Marinette landed on Cat Noir while falling out of the sky. She followed him to fight Stoneheart, still afraid and nervous. In the Parc des Princes, Marinette hesitated before joining the fight, but accepted her role as Ladybug and helped Cat Noir take down Stoneheart with her Lucky Charm wet suit and turn him back into Ivan. She returned to her room before she detransformed. However, she forgot to capture the akuma. This failure on her end resulted in the akuma multiplying and infecting innocent Parisian citizens. Her confidence plummeted and she rejected the Ladybug Miraculous out of guilt. She took them off, hiding them in her vanity until she could give them away.

OR-2 (567)

In "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)", the next day, Marinette watched the news report about the Stonehearts, her confidence gone. She took the Ladybug Miraculous to school to give to Alya, believing that she would make a better hero. At the same time, she kept Ivan from being akumatized at first by helping him build his confidence toward Mylène Haprèle. When she went to class, she saw Adrien poking at the gum on her seat and accused him of putting it there. She decided not to trust him, believing him to be the same as Chloé.

When Stoneheart busted down Miss Bustier's classroom's door and took Mylène and Chloé captive, Marinette tried giving Alya her bag with the Ladybug Miraculous so that she could run and hide, but Alya left without grabbing it. Marinette chased after Alya and saw her nearly die when a car was thrown at her. With Cat Noir captured and Alya trapped, Marinette decided that she had to be Ladybug. She transformed, freed Alya, and grabbed Cat Noir's staff, chasing after him. Freeing Cat Noir, they went to the original Stoneheart who was on the Eiffel Tower.

Ladybug caught Chloé when she was thrown off the Tower. She tried to stop the police from firing on Stoneheart, but Agent Roger reminded her that she failed. Ladybug agreed with him that it was her fault, but Cat Noir encouraged her to try again. When Hawk Moth told her to give up her Miraculous, she reminded him that he was the villain and that they would take him down. She swung her yo-yo at his akmua-face and captured all of them. She promised Paris that Ladybug and Cat Noir would keep them safe. She ran up the side of the Eiffel Tower, deciding the only way to free Mylène was to bring her and Ivan closer together. She summoned her Lucky Charm and received a parachute. Ladybug made Mylène kiss Ivan, causing him to drop his akumatized object. She broke the object and changed Ivan back to normal. To save Mylène, she dove off the Tower, grabbed her, captured the akuma, and set her on the ground. Using Miraculous Ladybug, she freed the other Stonehearts and returned the city to normal.

The next day, she and Alya sat behind Nino and Adrien. She ignored Adrien but accepted his apology for the gum incident after class. It was then that she fell in love with his kindness. Using the umbrella he gave her, she went home.

TB Hey 2

In "The Bubbler", Marinette woke up excited for Adrien's birthday. She brought a present to school for him, but she couldn't give it to him. Instead, she and Alya drop it off at Adrien's house. Marinette forgot to sign the gift. Afterwards at lunch, Marinette's parents were captured in bubbles and sent skyward. She transformed into Ladybug and ran off to find Bubbler at the Agreste mansion. She used a Lucky Charm to break up the slow dance, but because she misused Lucky Charm, she had to detransform and find cookies for Tikki.

She snuck into the party and grabbed cookies, fully intent on transforming back, but Alya found her first, leading her to the present she left for Adrien. Marinette signed it and rushed to transform as soon as she was away from Alya. Ladybug engaged Bubbler, giving the students time to scatter. Ladybug and Cat Noir fought against Bubbler, but he sent red bubbles at them, turned them green, and captured the heroes. Ladybug defended the adults, angering Bubbler who sent them into the sky. Cat Noir's Cataclysm freed them and Ladybug brought them down to safety. They returned to the Agreste mansion, but it was too late; the students were sent skyward.

Ladybug and Cat Noir chased Bubbler up the Eiffel Tower. Ladybug summoned her Lucky Charm, loosed an air vent, and grabbed Bubbler's bubble wand, breaking it. She captured the akuma and put the city back to normal. The next day, Marinette saw Adrien wearing the scarf she made him. She didn't correct him when he believed it to be from his father.

MP LB reaching for whistle

In "Mr. Pigeon", Marinette entered a fashion design competition to create a derby hat. Adrien saw her designs and was excited for her work. She went to the Trocadéro for inspiration, which she gained from the pigeons there. She returned home to make the hat, but forgot the feather, forcing her to return to the Trocadéro. When she tried to go back home, the street was blocked by hundreds of pigeons. She transformed after she saw Mr. Pigeon and found Cat Noir. He acted like bait to get Mr. Pigeon's attention and was carried away. When Ladybug followed, they were trapped in a cage. Cat Noir freed them with Cataclysm.

They ran inside Le Grand Paris. Ladybug noticed pigeons flocking in the same direction to the Grand Palais. She and Cat Noir found the abducted park keepers trapped inside. Ladybug planned on Cat Noir grabbing the bird call, but Cat Noir's allergies kicked in, leading to Ladybug and Cat Noir brawling against Mr. Pigeon and his pigeon fists. Ladybug summoned her Lucky Charm and turned the pigeons against Mr. Pigeon. They smashed the bird call, Ladybug captured the akuma, and the city returned to normal. With less than an hour left to the end of the competition, Marinette completed her derby hat and proved it to be her own design, beating Chloé and winning the competition.

SW Duo groaning

In "Stormy Weather", Marinette babysat Manon Chamack for Nadja Chamack. Alya convinced her to take Manon to the park so that she could watch Adrien's photoshoot. She tried to get Adrien's attention, somewhat succeeded, and watched the photoshoot from the sidelines. She bought Manon a balloon when Manon shouted at her and interrupted the shoot. When Manon led her away to the carousel, Alya stepped in and made Marinette join Adrien's photoshoot. Before she could join, Stormy Weather attacked and trapped Alya and Manon. Marinette transformed into Ladybug and tried to free them, but she was unsuccessful. Ladybug ran off, helped Cat Noir to his feet (he was blown away and landed on his face), and the two fought Stormy Weather. She blew them away twice and threw a bus at them.

When they freed themselves from the bus, they ran to the KIDZ+ studio. They broke down the door, but she wasn't there; it was a trap. Stormy Weather turned off the lights and ran to the rooftop. Because Cat Noir had night vision, he led Ladybug to the roof. Ladybug summoned her Lucky Charm while Cat Noir defended them from the falling hail. She had Cat Noir take down a billboard with his Cataclysm. Stormy Weather blasted a hole through the billboard before it could crash into her. Ladybug wrapped her yo-yo around Stormy Weather's ankle, preventing her from escaping. Ladybug pulled her back to the ground and she lost her umbrella. Cat Noir threw it to Ladybug and she broke it, purifying the akuma and returning the city to normal. Marinette returned to the park, intent on joining the photoshoot, but the photographer liked Manon better.

TK Auto-pound it

In "Timebreaker", Marinette helped her parents prepare for their 20th wedding anniversary. She was left in charge of the bakery but went to the Trocadéro to watch Alix's and Kim's race. Alya gave her Alix's watch to hold on to, but since she was holding the banner, she wasn't paying enough attention and dropped it. Adrien caught the watch, but Chloé took it from him and dropped it, leading to it rolling on the track, breaking, and Alix's akumatization. Marinette tried calming her down, but she stopped when her father called wondering where she was.

Marinette transformed into Ladybug and tried stopping Timebreaker, but Timebreaker almost made her disappear forever. Cat Noir stepped in and protected her, taking the hit. When Timebreaker went to the past, Ladybug followed. She startled Past Chloé and caused her to drop the watch, Past Alix blaming Ladybug for it. Future Ladybug explained to Past Marinette what was going on and sent Past Marinette on her way back to the bakery to give Nadja Chamack her cake.

Past Marinette transformed into Ladybug and joined the fight with Future Ladybug and Cat Noir. The Ladybugs summoned their Lucky Charms and came up with a plan to stop the Timebreakers while Cat Noir distracted them by using Cataclysm. Future Ladybug wrapped the Timebreakers' ankles together while Past Ladybug created a ramp that flung them in the air. The Ladybugs break the rollerskates, release the akumas, and cleanse the city, merging the two Ladybugs and Timebreakers. Marinette returned to the bakery and welcomed her parents home.

EV S01EP08 (30)
Work in Progess
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Ladybug Christmas Special (543)

In "A Christmas Special", Marinette babysat Manon and helped her parents in their bakery by giving out Christmas logs to the customers who donated to Ladybug's and Cat Noir's charity fund. When Adrien's chauffeur walked in to take a Christmas log, Marinette ran to her room, grabbed the present she made for Adrien, and gave it to the driver to give to Adrien.

Around midnight, she received a phone call from Nathalie, informing Marinette and her family that Adrien was missing. Marinette's family went to search for Adrien while Marinette transformed into Ladybug. She found the results of Cat Noir's cataclysm and the note she left in Adrien's present. She then concluded an akumatized villain was after Adrien and that Cat Noir was protecting him. She followed the footprints she found in the snow and was eventually led to the Agreste mansion, where Adrien was outside the gates with a Santa Claus.

Assuming the Santa Claus was an akumatized villain, she attacked the Santa Claus. Her attacking him made him become an actual akumatized villain known as Santa Claws. Santa Claws dumped a present full of bats on Ladybug before running off, forcing her to chase him. She and Cat Noir chase him across Paris before they are flung into Alya's house. Ladybug summons her Lucky Charm (a box), takes some supplies from the Césaires, and sets up a trap at the Eiffel Tower, tricking Santa Claws and removing his akuma. After the damage caused by Santa Claws is fixed, Marinette and her family eat Christmas dinner at the Agreste mansion.

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