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Marinette's room is the bedroom of Marinette Dupain-Cheng, located on the top floor of the Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie.


Access to Marinette's room is through a trapdoor. Marinette's room is mostly pink, and her bed which is a loft that is reachable by the ladder with stairs attached to it. The loft leads to Marinette's personal balcony through a glass trapdoor. There is no ladder to enter the balcony. In her room, Marinette crafts the majority of her fashion pieces.

There are at least two bay windows on either side of her room with one large porthole window between them.

Items of interest in the room include Marinette's diary, Adrien's schedule attached to the ceiling, two hot pink swivel office chairs with black, pink and white flower designs, her black and white-striped cat pillow, and Marinette's computer having a background of a collage consisting of several cut outs of Adrien's photos from magazines.There are photos of Adrien taped all over her wall and a picture frame of him on her desk. Recently, she has acquired a Jagged Stone poster, which is currently plastered on her wall.




Comics and books


  • The framed picture of Adrien on Marinette's desk is also the first picture of him seen on Alya's new cellphone when she shows it to Marinette in "Lady Wifi".
  • She has a huge striped pink and brown stuffed toy cat on her bed, behind her pillow, as seen when she's laying in bed at night in The Pharaoh.
  • The room resembles as an attic, as it is entered through a trapdoor rather than a normal door.
  • Cat Noir enters Marinette's room in "The Puppeteer" but it has yet to be confirmed whether he saw Marinette's photos or not.
  • Marinette takes down her photos of Adrien in "Gamer".
  • Marinette only has photos of Adrien in her room in "Dark Cupid", "Darkblade", "The Puppeteer" and "Gamer".



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