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When I grabbed the diary, this crazy box clipped down on my hand!

Sabrina,, "Darkblade"

Marinette's magic box is a wooden box that Marinette made to store her diary. Its purpose is to prevent anyone from stealing it and discovering her secret identity.


The magic box is a semi-circular chest with a similar shape and color theme as the diary with a keyhole located on the edge. Inside is colored red with an oval-shaped mirror on the top half in the center. The chest comes with a yellow key that Marinette carries with her.

DB S01EP12 (517)

The magic box trapping Sabrina's hand.

If someone tries to pick up Marinette's diary while the chest is open, it will close and lock, trapping the invader's hand inside. The only way to unlock it is with the key.



  • In "Darkblade", Sabrina tries to steal Marinette's diary for Chloé, but the box traps her hand. At the end of the episode, Marinette frees her hand.

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