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Very exquisite creation. You definitely have the laboring hands of a hat maker.

Gabriel, "Mr. Pigeon"

Marinette's derby hat (also called a bowler hat) is a hat designed by Marinette. In "Mr. Pigeon", it wins a fashion competition judged by Gabriel Agreste at Collège Françoise Dupont, and the prize is the hat being worn by Adrien during his next photo shoot.


The derby hat is dark gray, with fabric overlapped on the crown to look like feathers. The black band has a golden squiggly line on it, part of it actually making Marinette's name, which is seen when the hat is flipped upside down. There is also a light gray bow attached to one side of the hat, along with a pigeon feather attached onto the bow with a copper-colored button.




  • MP Adrien before sneez

    Adrien about to sneeze after trying the derby hat on.

    The hat possesses a unique design that utilizes Marinette's own signature, a helpful way to ascertain authenticity.
  • Chloé makes Sabrina steal Marinette's design and makes a replica of the derby hat, but because of Marinette's signature, she is revealed to not be the designer.
  • Because of the real pigeon feather used in the hat, Adrien, who is allergic to feathers, has an allergic response to it.


Mr. Pigeon

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