I've got a secret. This is why I win.

Marinette, "Gamer"

Marinette's bracelet, also known as Marinette's lucky charm, is a bracelet that Marinette owned for good luck. In "Gamer", she gives it to Adrien to cheer him up, claiming that it provides good luck.


The bracelet is made from red string, which is bent into a loop on one side when the bracelet is not tied onto a wrist. The bracelet has eight beads: a light blue bead, a large pink bead, a small yellow bead, a small black bead, a square green bead engraved with a five-petaled flower, a sky-blue bead, a tiny red bead, and a second large pink bead slightly smaller than the first.




  • In a deleted scene of "Gamer", as seen towards the end of the storyboard (Part 2), when Adrien gives up his place in the tournament to Marinette, he tries to give the bracelet back to her, but she's dragged away by Nino before she's able to grab it. Adrien, then, pockets the lucky charm.
  • Thomas Astruc confirmed that Adrien still has the lucky charm.
    • In "Befana", Adrien shows that still has the bracelet, and he gives one he made to Marinette.
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