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[ Theme song ]

Scene: Chloé, Audrey and André Bourgeois argue about closing the school after Chloé's failed presentation.

André: What in the world is going on, my sweetie pie?
Audrey: Oh André, I demand that you close the school down for good!
Chloé: And I want you to banish Marinette Dupain-Cheng from Paris!
André: Who?
Audrey: The monster who hurts your little girl’s feelings, your own flesh and blood?
Chloé: It’s the baker's girl! She hates me! And she got the whole class to gang up on me!
Audrey: You hear that, André? She disrespected the mayor of Paris’ own daughter.
Chloé: She has to pay for this! They all have to pay! I never want to see any of those losers again.
André: But I can’t! I mean, I could close the school for a few days, a week at most.
Audrey: That’s not good enough.
Chloé: Shut it down forever!
André: That’s impossible.
André: I love you Chloé, but you’re asking too much of me this time. I’m only the mayor.
Chloé: Precisely.
André: But my voters will turn against me!
Chloé: What’s the use of being the mayor of Paris if you can’t actually use power? That’s ridiculous!
Chloé and Audrey: Utterly ridiculous,
André: Well, you’ve always been too good for your class. Maybe you should switch schools?
Chloé: (throws a tantrum)
Audrey: Change schools? Ugh, forget it! We need to change cities, that’s what. We’ll go to New York!
André: B-b-but!

Scene: Audrey and Chloé decide to go to New York and they pack their bags.

André: Why don’t we go and live closer? And besides, I can’t be the mayor of Paris if we’re living in New York. It’s too far!
Chloé: Well, it won’t make the slightest bit of difference since you’re powerless anyway!
Audrey: Not only are you incapable of solving a simple problem for your daughter, you’re also refusing to come with us?
André: Not at all. I… I… Ah, thank you. Look at this, my sweetie. It’s for you. (he hands her a gift and she opens it.)
Chloé: What is it? It’s tiny!
André: Yes, but very expensive! It’s a diamond-encrusted phone case. You’ve been asking for this for two whole days! Are you sure you don’t want to stay after all?
Chloé: I don’t want that thing! What kind of daddy are you if you can’t even give me what I want? (she tosses the phone case away.)
André: No! Wait!

Scene: Hawk Moth's lair. Hawk Moth picks up on André Bourgeois’ negative emotions.

Hawk Moth: Hmm, a man of power feeling helpless as a father. I sense very strong negative emotions from him. Fly away, my little akuma and evilize him!
André: What will I be without you?
Hawk Moth: Malediktator, I am Hawk Moth. So, your wife and daughter think you are weak and useless? Well, I shall give you absolute power. Anything you declare will materialize.
André: By the power invested in me, I shall prevail, as Malediktator!

Scene: Collège Françoise Dupont. Marinette and her friends are happy that Chloé is leaving.

Marinette: Without Chloé around Paris will be filled with less negative emotions!
Tikki: And less akumatizations. (seeing someone walking towards them, Tikki hides back inside Marinette’s purse. Marinette looks at the direction indicated by Tikki and sees Adrien. Looking confident, Marinette takes a deep breath and walks out to him. Adrien, watches his friends, curious as to why they all are acting so excited that Chloé is leaving town.)
Adrien: Hey, what’s going on here? What are we celebrating?
Marinette: Chloé’s gone! She’s moving to New York.
Adrien: Chloé… left? For good? (Marinette is still so excited, not realizing that Adrien is not sharing in everyone else’s enthusiasm.)
Marinette: Yeah! Isn’t it great? (Adrien shakes his head.)
Adrien: No? I think it’s terrible! How can you guys celebrate a thing like that? (and as the students keep on celebrating Chloé leaving school, Marinette calms down and she’s surprised to see Adrien’s reaction.)
Marinette: But, Chloé’s a total brat to everyone. (Alya comes over.)
Alya: Very true. She’s been a pain since day one and I’m not going to miss her one little bit!
Alix: Yeah, good riddance. She was useless anyway! (Adrien doesn’t look convinced. Marinette looks at him, not understanding.)
Adrien: Nobody’s useless. Not even Chloé. When I was a little kid and wasn’t allowed out, she was the only friend I had.
Marinette: I… err… Shoot.
Adrien: She left angry and unhappy. I can’t celebrate that.
Marinette: I’m really sorry, Adrien. (Adrien shrugs and he looks very angry as he walks away sadly.)

Scene: Audrey and Chloé are talking as they leave on board a helicopter.

Chloé: They must be kicking themselves right now!
Audrey: Forget all about that, my little kitty. In a few hours, we’ll be in New York.
Malediktator: By the power invested in me, I order you to land!
Audrey: Where are you going? This isn’t the way to the airport. (The helicopter lands at Place de la Concorde. Chloé and her mother burst out of the vehicle and finds themselves face to face with Malediktator.)
Malediktator: Chloé, my daughter. You are not leaving for New York. (Chloé is surprised and she gasps. She takes a little while to realize she’s standing in front of her akumatized father.)
Malediktator: You see, I have the power to shut down schools and banish all those nasty students who were mean to you. Come with me!
Chloé: Really? But that’s… excellent!
Audrey: André, getting yourself akumatized like everybody else in this town does not make you a cool or a hip father. In fact, you’re not worthy, you’re just ridiculous, we’re going to be late for our–
Malediktator: By the power invested in me, I declare that you will be devoted to this family and remain in Paris with me and Chloé. (Audrey transforms into Malediktator’s enamored accomplice and she falls on his neck.)
Audrey: Oh yes, my dear hubby. I’m so happy to stay here.
Malediktator: It’s about time. (she covers him with kisses.)
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) Malediktator, if you were to find your daughter, you must first cause chaos in Paris. Start with the school. She'll come back on her own accord. And don’t forget to bring me Ladybug and Cat Noir’s Miraculous!

Scene: Malediktator gets to the school.

Malediktator: By the power invested in me… (Marinette, Alya, and the whole school turn and look at Malediktator who is standing in front of the school gates. Audrey is beside him.) I declare this school a demolition site.
(Malediktator sends a big curse bubble over the squad and as soon as the bubble hits them, Juleka’s band members and various other students grab spoons and they start digging into the school wall and destroying the school.)
Malediktator: Right! Now, where is that girl, Marinette Dupain-Cheng? I have a special declaration just for her.
Tikki: Oh, it looks like Chloé devised one last victim before she left Paris.
Marinette: Yeah, and I may be partly the blame.

[Transformation Sequence]
Marinette: Tikki, spots on! Yeah! (Marinette transforms into Ladybug.)

Malediktator: Where is that Marinette? (Malediktator stops in front of Mr. Damocles, who has been cursed by the villain and they are wrecking the school.)
Cat Noir: Hey, you! Do you have a demolition permit for this school?
Malediktator: I don't need a permit. I'm Malediktator, the all-powerful supermayor of Paris and this is my city.
Ladybug: Paris is our city! It belongs to everyone.
Cat Noir: Hmm, I’m not sure if they would have voted for him if he shows up in this costume. (The superheroes fight the villain.)
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) Ladybug and Cat Noir have come to overthrow you! Take their Miraculous! (Malediktator sends a curse bubble at Ladybug.)
Malediktator: By the power invested in me, I declare that your Miraculous are my property! (The heroes skillfully dodge Malediktator’s curse bubbles.)
Cat Noir: It’s time we impeach him and declare him powerless!
Ladybug: The akuma has to be in his sash.
Cat Noir: You have my vote on that, my lady. (Cat Noir moves in towards Malediktator and his sash.)
Ladybug: Lucky Charm! (A stool appears) An abacus? Uh, of course. Cat Noir, wait, I have to call for backup!
Cat Noir: No need! Cata–
Malediktator: By the power invested in me, I declare that you are a cat. (Cat Noir gets hit by the curse bubble before he gets the chance to unleash the Cataclysm. His attitude instantly changes. He starts acting feline.)
Cat Noir: Meow.
Ladybug: Cat Noir! Oh no!
Cat Noir: Meow, meow!
Audrey: Cutie pie! Come here, little kitty! (Cat Noir is only thinking like a cat. He’s too busy patting the loose string that’s hanging down as Audrey looks on, touched by his cuteness. Hawk Moth is gloating in his lair.)
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) Take Cat Noir’s Miraculous! (Malediktator walks up to Cat Noir.) This cat’s nine lives are over! (Before he can retrieve it, Cat Noir bares his claws, keeping Malediktator at a distance. He turns to Audrey for protection, looking up at her with big eyes and Audrey crumbles.)
Audrey: Please, Malediktator. Can we keep him? Just a little bit longer?
Malediktator: If it makes you happy.
Audrey: Yes. (Reassured, Ladybug puts her yo-yo away and looks at her Lucky Charm’s stool.)
Ladybug: Kitty still has claws. Hold on, Cat Noir I’ll be right back! (Ladybug uses the yo-yo and pulls herself away, taking the stool with her. Seeing her running away, Malediktator is just about to go after her. But! Hawk Moth is gloating in his lair.)
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) Let her go. She’ll be back and try to save her kitty. Except she will be too late! Grab Cat Noir’s Miraculous! (Malediktator walks up to Cat Noir and he lets out a nasty yowl and hides behind Audrey and Malediktator gives in when he sees Audrey’s pleading look.)
Hawk Moth: No! I want his Miraculous right now!
Malediktator: One must be patient in politics, Hawk Moth. Perhaps, the cat can help us acquire the Ladybug’s Miraculous more easily.
Hawk Moth: Don’t let me down Malediktator, or I’ll take away your powers!

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