Mélody Cisinski was a storyboard artist and an assistant director on Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[2]


Mélody studied at Gobelins, graduating with a 5 years Bachelor degree. She has a three-year university degree in the History of Art.[3]

Previously, she worked on Miraculous from January to November 2014. She has also worked for Marvel, Disney, Stupid Buddies Stoodios, and Mattel.[4] She has designed characters for a Wakfu videogame with Ankama Games. Her comic book about Sentai Tokusatsu superheros, Teotl, has been published three times.[5]

Currently, she is a teacher of art direction, character design, and storytelling at Gobelins. She is the art director for a Nickelodeon spinoff show of TNMT.[6] She is also working on a full-length animated movie of her own creation called Revolution, with help from Thomas Astruc (script doctor and co-author), Arina Korczynski, and Chiara Benedetti.[7]

Awards Won[8]

  • 2008 : SUPERTROMP : opening Annecy film festival short animated film in Gobelins Art school. Co- director.
  • 2009 : INKABOLA : student film , co-directed by Mélody CISINSKI (mylydy), Jacques JARCZYK, Vincent GARCIA, Floriane MARCHIX, Gwénolé OUL'CHEN, Patrick PUJALTE, students at GOBELINS animation art school.
  • "Best Animated Film (International) Award" au festival Whistling Woods International Student Film (Inde) 2010
  • "Mention Spéciale Meilleure Animation", Festival "Sur les Pas de Mon Oncle" 2010, France
  • "Best Animated Short Film", Xiamen Animation Film Festival 2010, Chine
  • "Best Short Film Documentary Award", Encounters 2010, 16th International Film Festival, Royaume-Uni




  • Mélody loves history, saying it is the "best way to understand who we are."
  • Mélody's favorite movies include The Graduate, Pusher II, Silence of the Lambs, Ikiru, Seven Samuraï, Yojimbo, Amadeus, A.I. Artificial Intelligence,  Kaguya Princess, Die Hard, Lee Daniels' The Butler, Porco Rosso, Grave of the Fireflies, Rush, Incredibles, There Will be Blood, Running Out of Time, A Better Tomorrow, and The Mission.
    • Her favorite television shows include Rome, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Doctor Who (the David Tennant run), Homeland, Sherlock, The IT Crowd, Malcolm in the Middle, and Sentai Tokusatsu weird TV show.
    • She also loves Dostoievski and opera.

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